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  • Krocka Krocka Aug 19, 2008 12:22 AM Flag

    Manager in dire need of help

    This team dropped from 1st the 1st year to 4th last year, and now Im in 15th out of 16 teams.

    What the hell is up with my team, and who should I keep, i get to choose 15:

    C Ramon Hernandez
    1 Derrek Lee
    2 Brandon Phillips
    3 Chipper Jones
    S Bobby Crosby
    IF Travis Ishikawa
    OF Vlad Guererro
    OF Mags Ordonez
    OF Andre Ethier
    Util Ronnie Belliard
    Util Carlos Gomez
    DL Raf Furcal
    DL Adam Jones
    DL Elijah Dukes
    SP Tim Lincecum
    SP Ubaldo Jimenez
    SP Brett Myers
    RP Jon Broxton
    RP Brian Wilson
    P Edwin Jackson
    P Hiroki Kuroda
    P Jesse Litsche
    P Gio Gonzalez
    DL John Smoltz
    DL Erik Bedard

    Do you think I need to make any particular moves or do I have a good shot to at least make the playoffs next year. Dont forget keep 15, thank you.

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    • get rid of bedard he may be a good pitcher but he has a shit offense

      dont keep anyone from seattle unless their names start with ichiro and ends with suzuki only seattle player you should have on your team

      not even king felix he is good pitcher but has shit offense so you dont know what to expect

      derrek lee is shit to get rid o him

      brandon phillipps is your best keeper

      young and productive

    • Maybe you can trade some of your older but top level guys, to a team that is still competing this year?

    • Well Leagues with that many teams are tough to win. But I will say that your hitters are more first half production guys... like Chipper and D Lee, Mags. Your Pitchers are servicable in 2nd Half like Myers and Litsche. Lincecum is your top Ace. but some of your other guys are very unpredictable...Kuroda, Gio, Jackson. What FA's in hitting and Pitching are available?

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      • not much hitting pitching available, take my word for it (I just picked up Ishikawa whose a decent prospect, and literally just got called up). Players like Andruw Jones, Varitek, Marco Scutaro. Pitching wise, just middle relievers available. And maybe a couple guys worthy of spot starts. Not going to find any aviles, or alexei's, or winn's available. Really not competing this year so it wouldn't make a difference, just looking for some help on which of my young OF's I should keep in the 15 and possible trade I should be checking into.

    • have you past your leagues trade deadline.....

    • I dont think you have 15 I would keep, your offense is a concern, whenever you don't have power for HR's and RBI's you go for small ball Runs SB and you reach for avg, on pitching you stack up on SP so you can get the W's K's and stack up on Saves easley 6-4 wins guarenteed, your pitcher will get hot and you have a respectuful record and go 7-3 or even better. Look at my records......

      Game Year Rank Team League Commissioner Private League
      Baseball 2008 1 of 12 * SOUTHSIDER Yahoo Public 238128 No No
      Baseball 2008 1 of 12 * CALIBOYS Yahoo Public 210901 No No
      Baseball 2008 1 of 12 * DODGERS Yahoo Public 197845 No No
      Baseball 2008 1 of 12 * WHOA!!! Yahoo Public 283316 No No
      Baseball 2008 9 of 12 * Busters*StL*213ho!

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      • thanks for a worthless post, stuff I already knew, in fact i stream pitching all the time. Way to paint yourself a picture of being a douchebag and not actually providing and insightful help with my team, rather just a boast of a post. Could have easily given me a list of players being kept instead of theres not 15 worth keeping when theres a lot of young talent with potential on that list, way to shit the bed. Having 10 starters on a team shows no baseball knowledge, just math knowledge. Thanks for the insightful help.

    • ur pitching is very suspect...thats what i would be concerned with.

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      • yea I kept these 4 pitchers to start last year: Smoltz, R Hill, Buchholz, and Lincecum.

        Some moron dropped jimenez a while back when he was struggling, traded for chris davis and buchholz for bedard, may or may not have been a good move we'll see. Someone also dropped Myers when he was struggling, which I took full advantage of. Been trying all year for Felix Ervin and Zambrano to no avail :(, and the guy with haren and kazmir hasnt been checking, it was a rough year. thanks for help.


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