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    Here's a tough one!

    Should I trade Lincecum-Soria-Navarro for Webb-Dotel-Mauer?

    I'm 2nd in a 13-team mixed roto.

    Here's my current line up:
    C - Navarro
    1B - Ortiz
    2B - Kinsler
    SS - Tulowitzki
    3B - M.Cabrera
    OF - Abreu
    OF - Manny Ramirez
    OF - Dunn
    UTIL - Huff
    BN - Glaus
    BN - J.Pierre

    SP - Lincecum
    SP - Hamels
    SP - Lackey
    SP - Oswalt
    SP - Carpenter
    RP - Nathan
    RP - Soria
    RP - Salomon Torres
    RP - Isringhausen
    RP - Hanrahan (National's new closer)

    Here's my thinking... I'm second in league in SVs with 84, third is at 69. Also, I'm in 6th in Ws, but could be in 3rd if Webb (D-Backs) have a strong second half. Finally, I'm in 7th in RUNs, but could be in 3rd if Mauer stays healthy and keeps up his runs.

    Am I giving up too much, or am I making the right move by taking my strength (closers) and plugging what might be my only weakness, catcher?


    P.S. - Should I cut Lincecum from the deal, or is Webb a better option?

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    • I think you should do it. I like Lincecum, but I think he should be a sell candidate because of the team he plays for. Considering that, he and Webb are in about the same tier so you can't say you are really downgrading at all. As far as Mauer and Navarro, Mauer is the player I'd rather have because of where he bats (in front of Morneau). I think any closer is expendable, you can grab saves off the waiver wire, especially since it is deadline time and some closers will get moved, that is how I pick up saves every year successfully.

    • I wouldnt' either

    • it is pretty even, but i would rather have the lincecum side

    • lince = webb.
      although i will say slight edge
      to webb cause he plays on a winner.
      but then again lince gets you k's.
      so it's a push!

      soria far far far better then dotel.

      mauer far far better then navarro.

      the trade is even
      and doesn't do you any good
      unless you need a closer to get ya saves.


    • I wouldnt. Its hard to tell whos better Webb, or Lincecum, so well consider them equal. Soria is an elite closer and you really only have 3 RPs that are worth anything. Mauer is much better than Navarro, but hes not as much better as Soria is over Dotel, if that makes sense. But take that with a grain of salt, Im one of those people that doesnt trade for a C or draft one before the 16th round as a general rule. I just dont think theyre worth it.


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