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  • GranWIZ GranWIZ Jul 25, 2008 9:34 AM Flag


    Fantasy baseball rule #101: NEVER PAY FOR SAVES!

    Dude, Cole Hamels for Joe Nathan? Really, are you serious? Shouldn't that be the other way around? Yeah, I think it should, and every fantasy baseball expert would agree with me. So you need saves huh? Here's a grocery list: Johnathan Broxton, Demaso Marte, Joel Hanrahan, Masa Kobyashi, Grant Balfour, Manny Corpas, John Grabow, Jim Johnson, Brad Ziegler - get them. Broxton, Marte, Hanrahan, and Kobyashi are clears closers right now. Balfour will close if/when 39-year-old Troy Percival gets hurt again. Corpas should take over as the Rockies closer when Brian Fuentes is traded. The Pirates are listing to offers for Marte, and if they trade him, Grabow should take his place as the Pirates closer. The Orioles are doing the same with George Sherill, and Johnson's the guy to replace him in B-Moore. Ziegler is next in line for saves in Oakland, where Billy Beane is once again having a fire sale.

    The point is closers are like kickers in football. You never take one early, you NEVER pay for their services, and ALL of them can be traded for a player at a stronger position. Cole Hamels is the 5th best pitcher in fantasy dude. He's an ace for a reason. Hell no you don't trade him for Joe Nathan, or any other closer. I don't care if the closer gets 100 saves.

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    • nice post!
      makes total sense to me...
      only problem is... all of those RP's are taken... except for Grabow...
      guess im shit outta luck

      • 1 Reply to MGD
      • If that's the case, fuk em' all. Forget saves and concentrate on winning other categories. Hmm. Maybe you're in one of those inferior nonsensical things they call rotissieri leagues. I fail to see the competetive point in those. If it's a H2H league, just forgo saves and move on. I've got a guy in my league with ZERO closers or saves for the season, and he's in 2nd place. Reason why, ALL his pitchers are either SPs or SP/RP's, and he focusing on winning strikeouts, ERA, WHIP, and wins. RPs only have one stat that counts, and that's saves. They don't provide enough of an impact in ERA or WHIP to count in those categories. Cole Hamels gives you a significant impace in strikeouts, ERA, WHIP, and wins. Joe Nathan really only affects you in one, saves. That's 4 categories Hamels impacts you in to Nathan's 1. 4-1, advantage Hamels, the SP.


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