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  • rexxola1 rexxola1 Jul 8, 2008 9:44 AM Flag

    As playoffs near . . .?

    My first time and I am in top 3 spots on the leaderboards of all 4 leagues I'm in, so I think I have good shot at some playoff action. Is there a strategy heading into post-season? I was wondering if it would not be better to ditch RPs and find some SPs who start and are listed as duel SP/RP to put in the reliever positions. I'm in H2H leagues with no restrictions on IP.
    I'd be conceding a loss in saves, but I could possibly lock up about 4 other wins in the areas of IP, ERA, WHIP, and wins. I'd trade 4 wins vs one loss on the pitching side of the board in a playoff setting anytime. Is this good strategy?

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    • well there is no gaurentee that getting more sp will earn you wins in era and whip. they can hurt or help those categories as much as anybody. furthermore, rp tend to help era and whip more in their one inning roles, as rp usually have better eras. i would say if you are doing that well then its not necessary to make too many adjustments

    • ???? any body been in playoffs before? does anything change? how does FA, waiver list change? can u still pickup and add players in post season? Hello.


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