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  • A Yahoo! User Jul 10, 2008 3:07 PM Flag

    you ask - i'll answer

    your not gonna like my answers,
    as i truly think many have low value opinions
    for the players you mentioned.

    uggla = scott baker or javiar valquez
    dunn = maybe maybe halliday
    or burnett and someone else 3rd tier ala slowely, cuteo

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    • Are you serious? You think the most someone is going to give me for Uggla is Baker or Vasquez. Baker is on waivers/FAs for most 12 and under team leagues. I don't see Uggla out there in ANY league. Somehow I think I can aim a little higher than wiaver fodder for one of the top second baseman in fantasy baseball LOL.

      Cuteo LOL

      Maybe your confused with the question? I'm not asking what you'd give me but a normal fantasy baseball player....