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  • D-Neff D-Neff Jul 3, 2008 10:09 PM Flag

    I'll rate your team....

    and give any advice(if there is any) to help it out
    Just provide me with number of teams and league type.

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    • 12 team, points based

      c- r. martin
      1- d. lee
      2- d. pedroia
      3- e. longoria
      s- j. reyes
      o- a. rios
      o- k. fukudome
      o- x. nady
      u- m. derosa
      b- j. baker
      b- m. aviles
      b- g. sheffield
      dl- r. zimmerman

      sp- d. haren
      - d. matsuzaka
      - k. slowey
      - t. wellemeyer
      - a. harang
      - s. marcum
      rp- j. papelbon
      - m. rivera
      - bj ryan

    • 14 team H2H

      C- Pudge
      1B- Ryan Howard
      2B - Cano
      3B- A-Rod
      SS - JJ Hardy
      OF - Dunn,Rios,Murphy
      Util - Giambi
      Bench- Escobar, Guzman,butler

      SP- Halladay,lincecum,Cain,Floyd.Parra
      RP - Sherril,Jenks,Kobayashi
      DL - Wainwright, Carmona

    • hey david back again. what kind of trade should i make to get beltran from this guy? i tried zambrano for beltran straight up and he accepted but then my league voted to veto against it. can you think of a trade that looks fair enough to not get vetoed but is in my favor?

      here's my squad:
      C B. Molina
      1B Fielder
      2B Phillips
      3B Wright
      SS Rollins
      OF Rios
      OF Dunn
      OF Hart
      UTIL Longoria
      BN Fukudome
      SP Hamels
      SP Lackey
      SP Zambrano
      RP Lyon
      RP Gregg
      P Torres
      P Harang
      BN Oswalt
      BN Billingsley
      BN Cain

      His team:
      C Mauer
      1B Morneau
      2B Upton
      3B Youkilis
      SS Young
      OF Beltran
      OF Murphy
      OF Francisco
      UTIL M. Ramirez
      BN Cantu
      DL Hafner
      SP Kazmir
      SP Galaraga
      SP P. Martinez
      RP Saito
      RP Wagner
      P Capps
      P Masterson
      BN Maine
      BN Lilly
      BN Myers
      BN Padilla
      DL Carmona
      DL Cordero

    • 12 teams standard 5x5 rotisserie league. Wondering if there is a good trade I can do to improve my team. I'm going over the innings limit so would like to sell a SP

      C Ryan Doumit
      1B Miguel Cabrera
      2B Cano
      3B Lowell
      SS Carlos Guillen
      OF Holliday
      OF Dye
      OF Sizemore
      Util Chipper Jones
      BN Alexei Ramirez
      BN Jacoby Ellsbury

      Felix Hernandez
      Derek Lowe
      Kerry Wood
      Brad Lidge
      Ryan Franklin

    • if u got room stahs him if u dont pick him up near the trade deadline

    • c brain mccann
      1b albert pujols
      2b ian kinsler
      3b arod
      ss hanley
      of holliday
      of grady
      of crawford
      util prince
      dl alfonso

      sp johan
      sp peavy
      sp lincecum
      sp volquez
      sp lackey
      rp paplebon
      rp nathan
      rp krod
      p hamels
      p beckett

      rate this team

    • C- G. Soto
      1B- M. Cabrera
      2B- E. Gonzalez
      3B- E. Longoria
      SS- H. Ramirez
      OF- C. Lee
      OF- V. Wells
      OF- J. Edmonds
      OF- J. Inglett
      Util- B. Buscher
      Util- S. Rolen
      BN- J. Francoeur
      BN- J. Cantu
      BN- C. Duncan

      SP- R. Halladay
      SP- C. Sabathia
      RP- K. Wood
      RP- T. Hoffman
      P- B. Lyon
      P- D. Matsuzaka
      P- J. Peavy
      P- J. Verlander
      BN- J. Sanchez
      BN- A. Pettitte
      BN- M. Mussina
      BN- C. Billingsley
      DL- F. Carmona

      It's a 12 team...head-to-head league.

    • 12 teams head to head


      c- russel martin
      1b - Carlos Delgado
      2b - Brandon Phillips
      3b - Mark Reynolds
      SS - Jose Reyes
      OF - Bobby Abreu
      OF - Jose Guillen
      OF - Torii Hunter
      UTIL - Ryan Church
      BN - Mark DeRosa
      BN - David DeJesus


      SP - Vincente Padilla
      SP - Mike Mussina
      RP - George Sherrill
      RP - Jose Valerde
      P - John Maine
      P - James Shields
      P - Ricky Nolasco
      BN - Brian Bannister
      BN - Matt Capps (injured)
      BN - Felix Hernandez (injured)

      DL - Adam Wainwright (injured)

    • head to head 8 teams

      1B-A. Gonzalez
      3B-C. Jones
      OF-Rios Fukudome Ichiro
      Util M. Young Polanco
      BN-Blake Helton Mccann

      SP- Saunders Sanchez Galarraga Materson Lilly Haren Danks Hudson
      RP- Papelbon Hoffman Saito
      DL- Young Wainwright

    • 12 team h2h mixed c-mccann, 1b a. gonzalez, 2b b. phillips, 3b- aramis ramirez, ss- rollins, IF- pedroia, OF- dye, damon, carlos lee, bruce, UT hardy, bench crede and hermidia

      pitchers- SP- sabathia, peavy, volquez, laffey, campillo, jojo reyes, closers- saito, torres, fuentes, and m gonzalez

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