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  • Hahaha Hahaha Jun 17, 2008 8:57 PM Flag


    this is what my team looks like;
    1B-Derek Lee
    2B- Cano
    SS- Derek Jeter
    OF- Shane Victorino
    OF- Hunter Pence
    OF- Bobby Abreu
    UTL- Jason Giambi
    UTL- Jose Guillen
    BN- Granderson(waiting for him to get his act together)
    BN- @#$%udome(only use him when he plays at wrigley)
    BN- Delmon Young
    BN- Kaz Matsui
    BN- Guzman(is on fire)

    SP-John Maine
    SP-javier vazquez
    SP-AJ Burnett
    SP- Kyle Loshe
    SP- Jose Contreras
    RP- Salmon Torres/Gagne(DL)
    RP- CJ Wilson
    RP- John Rauch/Coderdo(DL)
    DL-JJ Putz
    DL- Carmona

    I had wang but he'll be out until september so i dropped him and picked up lohse....anyone have ANY suggestions to help my team out??? i have been slipping for the past couple of weeks...any trade offers i could propose?? any feedback would be great..thanks!

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