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  • Ryan Ryan Jun 7, 2008 2:24 PM Flag


    What is wrong with all of you?

    Brandon Philips is good. But not Dan Uggla good, especially this season. Randy Johnson is about a hundred years old and washed up. Jay Bruce, while good, has been around for all of a week. Remember, not everyone is going to be Braun. Felix Pie was great his first week in the majors last year too.

    There is no realistic way that this is a fair trade. Josh Hamilton showed flashes of what he's doing now last season before an injury and gastroenteritis shortened his year. Cole Hamels is a certifiable ace, one of baseball's elite pitchers. Dan Uggla, if not for Utley, would be the 2B everyone is talking about.

    Fantasy speaking, Hamels is one of the best pitchers in baseball, Hamilton is the top OF and Uggla the 2nd best 2B. There's no way Bruce, Philips, and RANDY JOHNSON AT 45 can warrant these kinds of players.

    Bottom line, jay here is essentially offering copper for gold. All of his players are lower ranked than the players he's attempting to get.

    P.S. I'm in this league with "jay b", and the guy who tried to do this deal with him is in dead last by a ton. Collusion/dumpoff much?

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    • I agree that this trade should have been VETOED. While Uggla is having a better season than Phillips it's not too farfetched to trade one for the other, so that is pretty even, but the rest is just a total mess. Bruce has come in on fire but he's only been playing for what? 2 weeks now? Hamilton has been the BEST player in the AL so far this entire season, already with 17 or 18 HR's with 68 RBI's and a .320+ BA. No way is he and Bruce of equal value at this point

      and Randy Johnson is not on the same level as Cole Hamels. That is just downright laughable. So........Phillips/Uggla, pretty good, but the rest is pure trash and just a guy wanting to try and stack his team without giving up too much.

    • Good christ. You're a moron.

      You're talking about how Bruce is no Ryan Braun then you mention how hamilton was sidelined TWICE with injuries?

      If that's not injury prone, I dunno what is. Hamilton has been injured at every level he's played.

      Are you saying Uggla is better than Phillips.....?WOW


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