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    Ask away i will try to help

    try not to bad talk me to much

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    • idk it may be obvious but i tried a trade and it was Vetoed just wanted your insight on it

      i was to give Billy Butler and Rafael Soriano
      in order to get Adrian Beltre

      the guy needed help at 1B and RP and i need a 3B anything. was it that unfair? or just bad luck

    • Would you drop Adam Jones or Brett Gardner to acquire any of the following FA's? Also, should I keep Cahill?

      Brett Anderson
      Hunter Pence
      Derek Lee

      C Santana
      1B Texeira
      2B Kinsler
      SS Rollins
      3B Youkilis
      OF Cargo, McCutchen, J Upton
      UT Quentin, Gardner
      BN Adam Jones
      DL Utley

      Rotation: CC, Cliff Lee, Haren, Nolasco, Scherzer, Floyd, Volquez, Cahill, Papelbon, Soriano, Street

    • should i trade matt kemp for kinsler and j weaver i would sill have d young c young holiday and eithier

    • I have too many OF and too few SP, but no one will trade me. I have offered deals like Drew/Fookudome/Ankiel for Kazmir or Harden or Sheets .... Fair deal right? It addresses both teams needs. So, I'm headed to FA to look for some SPs.

      Here is my team:

      C Martin
      1B Fielder
      2B Uggla
      3B Aramis Ramirez
      SS Young
      OF Beltran
      OF Ankiel
      OF Dunn
      Util Dye
      BN Carlos Pena
      BN Drew
      BN Fookudome
      DL A. Soriano

      SP Halladay
      SP Mussina
      RP Soria
      RP Lidge
      P Lyon
      P Hoffman
      P B. Wilson
      BN P.Martinez
      BN Oswalt

      Some of the FA SPs that I'm interested in are:

      Carmona (DL) be back next week
      Wainwright (DL) be back early August
      Oliver Perez
      Carpenter (DL) be back in about a month
      Josh Johnson

      I'd hate to just drop some of my OFs, but I don't have a choice. I'm going to drop 2 or 3 of them. I could drop Pena too, but I think he'll end with a good year. I know Soriano id coming off the DL, so maybe I'll drop 3 and pick up 2 to make room for him.

      Which OFs should I drop and which SPs should I pick up?

      I am thinking drop Drew, Fook, and Ankiel. Move Soriano off my DL, pick up either Wainwright or Carmona, put 1 on my DL, and pick up Carmona. Does this sound like a good plan?

      I am also trying to just dump the 3 OF in a trade for either Kazmir, Sheets, or Harden. A 3 for 1. The other team would be upgrading their OFs Rowand and Jose Guillen. Will any of these get accepted? Which is most likely?

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      • well you all ready know to pick up 1 or both of these SP Carmona (DL) be back next week
        Wainwright (DL) be back early August

        if i was you i would hold off going to the FA pool because the trade deadlineis just around the corner an you have a few OF's you can trade then

        but of few of them SP on the FA might be gone

        First off drop BN P.Martinez for Wainwright (DL) be back early August or Carmona an do the move around whatever way you like for the dl with Soriano

        an if you go after a SP try to go after Kaz pool owner might have got scared because of TB 7 game loseing streak but who know

    • how can i improve my team....who to trade....who to keep...do i improve my pitching or do i improve 2b....i have gotten different repsonses except every1 says my OF is strong.

      Ryan Doumit
      (Pit - C,OF)
      Adrián González
      (SD - 1B)
      José López
      (Sea - 2B)
      Aramis Ramírez
      (ChC - 3B)
      Orlando Cabrera
      (CWS - SS)
      Pat Burrell
      (Phi - OF)
      Manny Ramírez
      (Bos - OF)
      Álex Ríos
      (Tor - OF)
      Carlos Delgado
      (NYM - 1B)
      Matt Holliday
      (Col - OF)
      James Shields
      (TB - SP)
      Aaron Laffey
      (Cle - SP)
      John Lannan
      (Was - SP)
      Dámaso Marte
      (Pit - RP)
      Jim Johnson
      (Bal - RP)
      Brian Fuentes
      (Col - RP)
      Ron Mahay
      (KC - RP)
      Kelly Johnson
      (Atl - 2B)
      Nick Swisher
      (CWS - 1B,OF)
      Ryan Dempster
      (ChC - SP,RP)
      Jorge Campillo
      (Atl - SP,RP)
      Tim Wakefield
      (Bos - SP)
      Scott Kazmir
      (TB - SP)
      Brad Penny
      (LAD - SP) DL
      Shaun Marcum
      (Tor - SP,RP) DL
      Fausto Carmona
      (Cle - SP) DL

    • Carlos Pena and M. Pelfrey dropped

      Which 2 Should I DRop to Add these 2 guys??

      12-Team Non-Keeper H2H League
      1 DL Slot

      C - J. Clement
      1B - G. Atkins
      2B - C. Utley
      3B - Figgins
      SS - C. Guillen
      OF - P. Burrell, Victorino, Quentin
      Util - Bradley
      BN - J. Damon, A. Soriano (DL)

      SP - Verlander, Cueto, Hamels, E. Santana, Liriano, Harang
      RP - M. Rivera, Fuentes, Franklin, Marte, Broxton


    • I give hamilton/contreres
      for howard/ervin santana
      i have a stacked of and i need ib and sp

    • Hows the mid season squad?

      C Brian McCann (Atl - C)
      1B Lance Berkman (Hou - 1B,OF)
      2B Ian Kinsler (Tex - 2B)
      3B Chipper Jones (Atl - 3B)
      SS Derek Jeter (NYY - SS)
      OF Jason Bay (Pit - OF)
      OF Ryan Doumit (Pit - C,OF)
      OF Jermaine Dye (CWS - OF)
      Util Orlando Hudson (Ari - 2B)

      SP Edinson Vólquez (Cin - SP)
      SP Ryan Dempster (ChC - SP,RP)
      RP Brad Lidge (Phi - RP)
      RP Kerry Wood (ChC - RP)
      P Tim Hudson (Atl - SP)
      P Kevin Gregg (Fla - RP)
      P Joe Borowski (Cle - RP)

      BN Shane Victorino (Phi - OF)
      BN Mike Jacobs (Fla - 1B)
      BN Xavier Nady (Pit - OF)

      BN Matt Cain (SF - SP)
      BN John Danks (CWS - SP)

    • My OF is as stated:


      Do I need to tinker with this combo, or are they going to be solid all year long?

    • hey justin, which side of this trade would you rather have?
      Team A:
      David Wright
      Matt Cain

      Team B:
      Garrett Atkins
      Brandon Webb

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