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  • Shy Guy Shy Guy May 26, 2008 11:20 AM Flag

    Buy high, sell low?

    That's tough you'd have to break it down to smaller groups to really tell. In honesty, if any one of those 8 go on the DL (probably pretty likely) it makes answering that question easier. The trough part is which one would most likely make a DL stint. The younger Cano doesn't seem likely but then again he's been on the DL before and could find himself there if it turns out his struggles are injury related...so on and so on.

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    • We can't predict injury though, so I'll leave that one alone.

      The question really is, is Manny and Cano of so much more value than Murphy and Sanchez that the trade is still a great one if Bard/Garciaparra for Navarro/Lowell are included?

      I think it is. I think Manny, Cano, Bard and Garciaparra should outpoint Murphy, Sanchez, Navarro and Lowell.

      But I wanted other opinions. So far the majority of you believe Manny, Cano and Bard for Murphy, Sanchez and Navarro is so one-sided the trade may be vetoed. Now I'd like to hear opinions if Garciaparra for Lowell were also a part of it.


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