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  • Tom Tom May 25, 2008 6:20 PM Flag

    Prospect expert, ask me questions

    I've read a ridiculous amount of scouting reports. Ask me about your favorite team's prospects or the guys from your keeper league I'll let you know what type of seasons they should put up down the line.

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    • im in a 20 team league, and i've been holding on to ian kennedy, needless to say he has sucked, is he worth holding on to? will he pick it up? and if not, is there any under the radar guys worth picking up in your opinion. Thanks bro

    • I am Rediculously huge on these three pitching prospects and need your avice about them for my longer term keeper leagues.

      THanks so much.

      1. Brian Bannister Only 2 of my leagues i dont have him in.

      2. Adam Loewen

      3.Luke Hochevar

      I love these 3 pitchers and need to hear your honest opinion on them.

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      • I am not big on Brian Bannister, with his skill set he really only projects out to be a number 3, and he is low strike out option at that. Not to mention that being on the Royals further limits his fantasy value (they don't have the organizational depth to make the quick turns like the Rockies, DBacks or Rays).

        Adam Loewen I would have been big on two years ago, but repeated injuries, and a bad team playing in a bad division limit his value. He did have top of the rotation stuff before the injuries, but I haven't heard anything about how he looks or how he's throwing since the most recent injuries so I can't really judge though.

        Hochevar is a great prospect long term. You could look at his minor league numbers and be disappointed, but that was because he was working on improving certain pitches and parts of his delivery, which scouts say he has drastically. Right now he has a 5 pitch arsenal and should develop into an ace as his command improves.

    • still around, ask me something, although if its drastically off topic I'll probably just make fun of you.

    • Whats Jay Bruce gonna be like... pick him up?

    • I am in a keeper league and have been for the past 6 years.... The whole roster roles over and for the first time I find myself really thinking about a trade. The trade is Ryan Howard for Johnny Cueto, and Jay Bruce the prospect stud... Howard with his troubles this year Ive been trying to deal but the offers just arent up 2 par but I just don't know if I should just keep him... Anyone got any input????

      Some of my players are:
      Pedro,Santana,Maine,Hamels, and a core of good relievers not closers.

    • Alright, I have a few questions.

      -First, I'll get to the real baseball question. How's the Mariner's farm system looking? I know they got rid of a boatload of talent acquiring Bedard, but what do we have coming up? I heard Triunfel is projected to be Miggy or A-Rod ish and. What's Aumont projecting to be like and when do you see him up? Two years?

      Ok, for my fantasy question....I have Soto (is he considered a prospect?) in my keeper league (We only keep six guys) and he's one of my best run producers so far. I have a hard time wanting to keep a catcher for next year, but he's putting up non-catcher numbers. What I'm getting at is, should I trade him for a few young great hitting guys (suggestions?) and see what I can do for catcher? Or keep him all together?

      Here's my team for weak spots.
      Soto, D. Lee, Kinsler, M. Young, Zimmerman, Holliday, Kemp, Upton, Ortiz, Hart, Gomez, Pierre, Ian Stewart (revolving spot.)

      Thanks a bunch in advance and sorry if the last question was not one you consider prospect questions.

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      • I think thats being a little generous with Triunfel and Aumont. With Triunfel, the Mariners are only expecting him to develop average power, and his defense isn't good enough to stick at SS. If he moves to 3B he isn't really anything special, but 25 HR pop out of your 2B is still above average. They say he has the hand eye coordination to compete for batting titles, but I wouldn't make any bets on an 18 year old thats only broke .309.

        Aumont has legitimate top of the rotation stuff, but he is behind the normal learning curve of HS pitchers as he's from Canada.it took Hughes and Bailey 2 full seasons in the minors to make their debuts, and I'd expect Aumont to take 3, assuming there is no set backs.

        After that there is Clement and Balentien who you've seen, and fantasywise at least Michael Saunders could be intriguing, who profiles as a 20 HR, 40 SB type who could play plus defense.

    • What do you think of the following prospects in the Tribe's farm system?

      A Miller
      C Lofgren
      W Hodges
      T Crowe
      B Mills
      N Welgarz

      Are there any other guys Tribe fans should get excited about?

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      • If Adam Miller is healthy (which he is pitching like) he is one of the best pitching prospects in the minors.

        Lofgren looks like he'll be a solid number 3, but nothing really that special.

        Both Mills and Welgarz should be big time power threats, all though neither is particular adept at defense.

        Crowe and Hodges I never really liked that much, but Crowe has never really been healthy, and if Mills sticks at third Hodges won't have a spot anyway.

    • i want to add george sherrill, but i dont know who to drop, help me please ?!!!

      heres my team

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      Re: Need Answers, Just Ask! 27-May-08 04:24 pm here's my team :

      C Dioner Navarro
      1B Conor Jackson
      2B Ryan Theriot
      3B Mike Lowell
      SS Miguel Tejada
      OF Carlos Quentin
      OF Pat Burrell
      OF Milton Bradley
      OF Manny Ramírez
      Util Matt Kemp
      Util Ichiro Suzuki
      BN Adrián González
      BN Ryan Ludwick
      BN Justin Morneau
      DL Josh Willingham
      SP Zack Greinke
      SP Edinson Vólquez
      SP Dan Haren
      SP Chien-Ming Wang
      RP Joba Chamberlain
      RP B.J. Ryan
      RP Brandon Lyon

    • That's certainly better than what Lugo is doing and what he's getting paid. What about Michael Bowden? Also, the inconsistancy of Craig Hansen is killing me. He keeps bouncing from Triple A to the Big Leagues. Do you think he will ever produce?

      • 1 Reply to FantasyWorld
      • Craig Hansen will be fine, he was rushed to the majors initially when he clearly wasn't ready just months after being drafted, Joey Devine was the same way that year and he's doing fine now. Just give Hansen some time, he has the stuff to succeed in the bullpen, you just have to hope their is no long term mental confidence loss from being rushed and failing right away.

        Bowden is dominating AA right now after struggling there last season. He projects more as a durable workhorse number 3 than a frontline guy, but he's probably just trade bait for the Red Sox as he'll be ready long before a spot opens up for him.

    • Jed Lowrie. He should get regular playing time next year at shortstop and possibly this year if Lugo starts to struggle. Is he better suited at SS or 3B?

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