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  • GO Pirates GO Pirates May 25, 2008 6:31 PM Flag

    Prospect expert, ask me questions

    Tampa Bay 1st round pick Niemann. How will he fair down teh road?

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    • Niemann is tough, he hasn't really looked as good since the first elbow surgery as he did pre draft (he was actually taken 4th that year, 2 picks behind Justin Verlander and 3 ahead of Homer Bailey). But the splitter he added he didn't start throwing until last year and that's only gonna get better with time. With that pitches development and his size I could see him being a good number 2 down the road, which would be a great place to be with that young team around him.

      The real question is his durability though, he's missed time after surgeries in 2003 and 2006 and then pitched thru bone spurs this past season.

    • Kershaw or Hughes who do you think will be better in the next 3-5 years i have kershaw and have trades offered to me for Hughes so who do you think will be better

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      • Kershaw plays in the NL and in a much weaker division. I would think he would be better faster. Hughes is more polished and more well rounded pitcher, who I think will be better for a lot longer than Kershaw, but on pure stuff Clayton's fastball/curve combo plays better in the majors right now.

        BUT... I am in the school that will project an injury for Kershaw next season because they are gonna end up giving him way too many innings this season.


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