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  • James James May 24, 2008 12:53 AM Flag

    Expert help Needed : Should I make changes in my line up

    All right here's what you do:

    Drop Cueto first off, he's doing poorly with winning and his strikeouts aren't helping. I think picking up Redding is probably your best bet if your looking for wins (he's 6-3 currently and I have him in some of my public leagues). I would advise you to drop Taveras, I know his stolen bases look good but he's not swinging the bat enough to consistently get on base for steals (just look at his last 10 games, 5/29). The best guy right now would probably be his teammate Clint Barmes, who has been swinging the bat as of late plus he has been doing fairly well outside of Coors Field.

    I hope this helps...and good luck the rest of the way!


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