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  • BIGBASEBALL BIGBASEBALL May 24, 2008 12:39 AM Flag

    Expert help Needed : Should I make changes in my line up

    My line up looks as follows :

    Mike Napoli C
    Garret Atkins 1B,3B
    Chase Utley 2B
    Ryan Braun 3B,OF
    Cristian Guzman SS
    Carlos LEE OF
    Raul Ibanez OF
    Emil Brown OF
    Brian Roberts 2B
    Willy Taveras OF
    Adam Laroche 1B
    Kurt Suzuki C
    Jeff Keppinger 3B,SS
    Rafael Furcal SS DL

    Edinson Volquez SP
    Chien-Ming Wang SP
    Brett Myers SP,RP
    Brad Penny SP
    Dana Eveland SP
    Greg Smith SP
    Jonathan Sanchez SP,RP
    Johnny Cueto SP
    Chris Carpenter DL

    It is 12 teams head to head league. No one is willing to do any trade in this league so the only way to pick up players are from waivers.
    I'm currently in first place very tight from (1st to 8th) but after this week i'll probably be second or third place. I'm getting killed this week.

    Here is my problem. Week after Week i'm getting killed in pitching. High ERA, many losses low strike outs giving up lots of hits.
    Brad Penny and Brett myers have been performing bad in april and may, i'm sure they will turn things around.
    However, my team is never dominant and i want to take my team to the next level,,,, if it is possible from picking players up through waivers.

    These are the players that i think is decent that are available in waivers.

    David Murphy OF
    Skip Schumaker OF
    Blake DeWitt 3B
    Jose Guillen Of
    Mark Kotsay OF
    Randy Winn OF
    Kazuo Matsui 2B
    Clint Barmes SS,2B
    Bill Hall 3B,OF
    Akinori Iwamura 2B,3B
    Gerald Laird C

    Francisco Liriano
    Bronson Arroyo
    Barry Zito
    Aaron Laffey
    Tim Redding
    Jose Conreras
    Edwin Jackson
    Armando Galarraga
    Darrell Rasner
    Chad gaudin

    Who should i drop and who should i pick up to take my team to the next level? I'm very tempted to pick up Bronson Arroyo , Liriano (when he comes back up to majors), Aaron Laffey ( if he is for real) and Zito (if he doesn't fuck up any more) but i don't know who to drop because my pitchers aren't terrible.

    I don't think i can drop any pitchers other than Cueto and Sanchez,,,, should i drop them and pick up other pitchers?

    Who should i drop and pick up to take my team to the next level please help me experts. Thx

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    • Problem he is obviously your pitching like you stated. How you even have Zito is beyond me. Have you been stashing him away until he breaks out of his slump? I am currently dealing with the same things you are with a high era and a high whip. Just let it ride out unless another stud comes from the blue. There is no way you can have the worst era in your league...can you?

    • All right here's what you do:

      Drop Cueto first off, he's doing poorly with winning and his strikeouts aren't helping. I think picking up Redding is probably your best bet if your looking for wins (he's 6-3 currently and I have him in some of my public leagues). I would advise you to drop Taveras, I know his stolen bases look good but he's not swinging the bat enough to consistently get on base for steals (just look at his last 10 games, 5/29). The best guy right now would probably be his teammate Clint Barmes, who has been swinging the bat as of late plus he has been doing fairly well outside of Coors Field.

      I hope this helps...and good luck the rest of the way!

    • your pitching needs an overhaul, laffey, rasner, redding will help you.


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