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  • The Rock The Rock May 20, 2008 10:51 PM Flag


    I have these two guys in my league who somehow always find ways to complete deals with each other. The first trade they made was:

    Ivan Rodriguez
    Adrian Gonzalez
    Zack Greinke
    BJ Ryan


    Joe Mauer
    Albert Pujols
    CC Sabathia
    Francisco Cordero

    I found this trade completely unfair since it was basically a trade that allowed one side to upgrade every single position. So I vetoed it and the "two" managers started complaining non-stop about how I'm a tyrant.

    These two teams then did another trade which I found to be unfair as well but it wasn't as bad as the first one so I let it slide.

    NOW these SAME two teams want to do this trade:

    Garrett Atkins
    Edinson Vólquez
    Rich Harden


    Carl Crawford
    Jake Peavy

    What should I do? I demanded an explanation because if I let this go on, it would be completely unfair for the rest of the league and it's always the same team that is getting the much better end of the deal. What would you guys do? Another veto? They are calling me a tyrant for questioning them.

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