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  • Gibbo Gibbo May 13, 2008 2:28 AM Flag

    Spot my weakness - Please rate my team

    Hi I would like to know where I could improve. I am in a H2H league 10 teams not that deep. Am currently sitting in 2nd place.

    C: Russell Martin
    1st: Mark Texieria
    2nd: BJ Upton
    SS: Jose Reyes
    3rd: Garrett Aitkins
    INF: Yunel Escobar
    OF Carlos Beltran
    OF Carl Crawford
    OF Josh Hamilton
    UTL: Evan Longoria
    Bench: Travis Hafner
    Bench: Jay Bruce (I just dropped Hawpe and picked him up as a sleeper pick)
    DL Tulowitzki

    SP's - Felix Hernandez - John Lackey - Erik Bedard - Brett Myers - Max Sherzer - Jair Jurjens
    RP's JJ Putz - Jon Rauch - Joe Brorowski - Brad Lidge

    Any tips - I would like to improve my RP's.

    There are still guys like AJ Burnett, Ryan Dempster and Joe Saunders on the waiver wire. My thought was should I trade an SP to get better RP's and then pick up someone off the waiver to replace the guy I give away?

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    • Drop Borrowski, he wasnt very good to begin with and now hes on the DL for a long time. Try to move Beltran for some relief pitching, your OF should be fine and its a deep position to begin with.

    • For pitching, what scores in your H2H league? My league we score on everything. IP W L CG SV H ER HR BB K WP SB ERA WHIP BSV. If your league scores like this, Relief pitching is the way to go. You will undoubtably lose IP, W, K, maybe BSV, but you will almost always win L, SV, H, ER, HR, BB, WP, SB. If you limit your innings pitched and have 1 or 2 stud starters (Bench the rest) and strong relief, you will win ERA and WHIP. Obviously if you pitch half as many innings as your opponent, you will allow less hits and runs, even if happen to lose ERA and WHIP. Worst case scenario, you will win 8-6.

      So I guess it all depends on how your league scores. Look at whether the scoring stats are slanted toward starters or relief. Sometimes you need to take a hit. If you have only one good closer and the only stat that the closer helps is SV, trade em off and lose the category to make a few categories better. better. With one closer you wouldn't win the SV category anyway. Look at the scoring stats, and then you'll find out whether to go SP or RP. More stats, RP. Less stats, SP. General rule of thumb.

    • need some better pitching for sure

    • your bullpen could definitely use another proven closer.

      i would try to deal hafner/scherzer for the best possible arm. scherzer is on a strict innings limit this year and when doug davis comes back, he'll be back in the pen or in the minors.

      try loading your team into http://benchcoach.com to see where your team is weak and to try out various trades and waiver wire moves to see how they affect your team's standings

    • If you can convert Brett Myers into saves, more power to you.

      Other than that, you have a pretty good team, though I don't like Reyes or Crawford as much as most people do.


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