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  • Ben P Ben P May 6, 2008 1:21 PM Flag

    Need RP - Expert advice please

    Okay, so my two closers are Bobby Jenks and Jason Isringhausen. A few days ago I dropped Kerry Wodd for Max Scherzer, thinking he would start as a RP , but he jumped right into the starting rotation. I now think I need to pick up a third RP, but have very limited roster space and am stuck as to who I should drop, or if I should drop anyone at all. Here is my current roster:

    C - G. Soto
    1B - J. Morneau
    2B - C. Utley
    SS - M. Tejada
    3B - A. Ramirez
    IF - P. Fielder
    LF - C. Crawford
    CF - T. Hunter
    RF - J. Upton
    OF - M. Kemp
    BN - H. Pence
    BN - Y. Escobar

    SP - R. Halladay
    SP - A. Harang
    SP - C. Lee
    SP - E. Volquez
    SP - M. Owings
    SP, RP - M. Scherzer (listed as RP, but is starting)
    RP - Jenks
    RP - Isringhausen

    Here are the RP's that are available as FA's right now:

    Brandon Lyon
    CJ Wilson
    George Sherrill
    Brian Wilson
    Jon Rauch

    Who would you drop to get one of these as a third RP? Or would you just leave things as they are for now? Thanks for your help.

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    • Thanks to the both of you guys. I have a 4 spots (3OF, 1 Util) so I'm probably gonna go with Ellsbury, Hamilton, Quentin and Sheff for now. If Delmon Young ever gets it together, then I might have to shuffle it up a bit.

    • Hey not to cut thread but but for the guy picking out fielders i would go with:

      Josh Hamilton
      Jacoby Ellsbury
      Carlos Quentin

      I'm a south sider and thus have a lot of faith in Quentin. Don't worry the rest of the boys will get him around the bases. Also hamilton is a beast. I have him in every team bc no one realizes his power. He has always hit when it counts for me it seems. However a lot of people like sheffield, so maybe toss him in there for someone. Top pick id say ellsbury though.

    • Well, I like Carlos Quentin. I've been eyeballing him for a while but just don't know where to fit him in my lineup. He is one that I would go with. Also, I know Sheff isn't off to the greatest start but he's coming around. He is supposed to start playing in the field (if he hasn't already), which HE thinks will help him get going. This seems reasonable to me. I like Ellsbury as well, and hitting in that lineup can only be beneficial. Those are the guys I like out of the group, but I have to be truthful that I don't know a WHOLE LOT about the other guys. Best of luck to you man.

    • How are those closers even available?

    • Definitely don't drop Max after just one start. I would go with Owings IF you have to cut someone for another closer.

      This seems like a smaller league, as there shouldn't be that many closers in the FA pool. It looks like you only have two bench spots? Is that right?

      Another option is to drop Y. Escobar as Utley and Tejada are strong candidates to play every game the rest of the way.

      Ranking of RP available:
      1. B. Lyon ( not inconsistent just a little rough to start, no ER in last 10 app)
      2. B. Wilson ( has 3 ER last 10 app, Giants will be in close games)
      3. G. Sherrill
      4. J. Rauch (you really believe Cordero will get it together? me neither)
      5. CJ Wilson ( most volatile of the bunch, imo)

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      • 10 teams in my league. Most of the other managers are way too into the BoSox or Yankees, so I had a good time drafting anyone not on those teams. Also, other than one other manager, I am by far the most active (as far as moves go).

        I agree that Owings is probably the candidate to go of my pitchers, but I will really have a hard time doing that.

        The Escobar option is interesting though, think anyone would possibly trade for him?

    • here's a thought..

      ur pretty good at 2nd base.. ss and 3rd....

      u could let funnel cake (yunnel escobar) go... to get ur other rp... and do some more searching... maybe u can get a better back up than pence?

      just an idea...


      wow.. how many in ur league.. 6??/ nice team!

    • i have scherzer but idk what to expect from him...there are some good closers available so if u need a third closer, drop max for one of the wilson's....lyon is inconsistent and rauch may lose his job if cordero ever figures things out

      can u answer mine please


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