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  • therednorth therednorth Apr 28, 2008 7:34 PM Flag

    Rate this offense!!!

    All the cards came up aces for you, didn't they?

    When I can only find one thing on that roster that even approximates a hole (Pence), you're doing pretty good.

    Runs: 9.5
    HRs: 8
    RBIs: 9.5
    SBs: 7.5
    AVG: 9.5

    Overall: 9

    (I find it hard to rate anything a 10, if only because to get a 10 in one category all but requires you to get lower grades elsewhere. Consider that a 10 team in HRs would have Howard, Fielder, Dunn, et al. You can't throw Dunn in without killing the 10 in avg. So suffice it to say your offense rocks.

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