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    Ask Me fantasy Questions

    I'm here for a good 30 minutes

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    • A manager offered me Brian Roberts and Chad Billingsley for Teixeira/Votto. Thoughts on me countering with Tex/Votto for Reyes? I already have Hanley at SS, but would gladly play Reyes at UTil or trade him when he starts to heat up. Here's my team:

      Alex Gordon
      Carlos Lee

      Chris Young
      Matt Cain
      Mariano Rivera
      Matt Capps
      George Sherrill
      Micha Owings
      James Shields
      Brett Myers
      Scott Kazmir

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      • no no no. Are you aware of how good Texiera is? were talking about a potential 40+ homer 100+ runs and 110+ rbi guy with a 300 avg and Votto. your giving up power for steals, but you already have steals with ichiro markakis and hanley. Reyes is only good for steals and Runs. Your overvaluing steals here especially when you have 2 top notch stealers and markakis will get you 20 for sure. Steals is like saves, You don't PAY for steals

    • hey, i'm in a 10 team head 2 head...my sp are smoltz. grenike, cain, volquez, cuetto, kuroda, bucholz with kashmir on the dl. pettite, bannister, jurriens (atl), and randy wolf are available. 4 closers too. is it good enough or do i need to trade?

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      • i think bannister and pettite are safer bets than cueto and volquez. I wouldnt worry about the other 2 right now. problem is if you drop cueto and most likely volquez you'll never probably see them again just because of the hype behind them. Rookie pitchers are always up and down, you'll get no real consistency from them. What I would try to do is trade both cueto and volquez, do a 2 for one if you have to for either a strong pitcher or a strong hitter.

        as far as the closer, i don't know if you said you have 4 closers on your team or FA. If they're on FA and they are solid consistent ones with out health problems pick them up. Because closers ALWAYS have trade value. They'll prolly have more value than cueto and volquez. Bucholz is a pitcher you don't need on your team, he's more like a spot starter in that type of league, I'd hold on to kuroda to see how he does but don't expect him to be Dice - K.

        your main objectives should be trade volquez cueto, i'd even trade kuroda if someone was high on them. i'D pick up pettitte and bannister and some closers and repeat the trade process with the closers or with a closer and a pitcher. Your team should be significantly upgraded by than

    • T.Tulowitz, H.Ramiriz and J.Thome.
      What do I do about my utility spot?
      Should I shop Troy?

    • well you can sit on hawpe for a while if he's there because no ones going to mess with him now, but be aware, He's going to turn it on BIG TIME at somepoint in the season when it gets hot and you DEFINITELY want to have him on your team when that happens. If you pick him up now you'll probably end up benching him. so probably pick up church now and when you see hawpe start to pick his avg up get him.

    • I originally offered Jose Reyes and Alex rios for Hanley and Gary Sheffield.....he didnt go for it

      I have Holliday, Sizemore, Rios, and Markakis in my OF, which is why I'm willing to give up rios, its a 6 team league, so Free Agency is Deep, I was just going to drop Shef and pick someone better up

      Since I had no intention to keep Shef, I offered him Rios/Reyes for JUST HANLEY....and I still dont think he's going for it....is he crazy? or am I for thinking this is a no brainer?

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      • In a 6 team league he's probably thinking he can pick up someone off the FA just like you could. He's probably also thinking hanley is possible mvp candidate and reyes and rios aren't. Or he could even just not be the trade type, sometimes you could offer people the right deal and they won't take it because they just don't like to trade. Those type of people you have to give them a blatant deal where your damn near ripping yourself off. Plus he's probably thinking reyes is off to a slow start and he might be gassed off of what hanley is doing right now

    • I have McLouth and Church is a FA

    • rate my team and give me your suggestions for any improvements

      C: Victor Martinez
      1B: Prince Fielder
      2B: Chase Utley
      3B: Aramis Ramirez
      SS: Troy Tulowitzki
      OF: Carlos Lee
      OF: Eric Byrnes
      OF: Nick Markakis
      Util: Adrian Gonzalez
      BN: Carlos Guillen

      SP: Jake Peavy
      SP: Justin Verlander
      SP: Erik Bedard
      RP: Billy Wagner
      RP: Brain Fuentes
      RP: Kerry Wood
      P: Dice-K
      P: Brad Penny
      P: Roy Oswalt
      BN: Adam Wainwright
      BN: Roy Oswalt

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      • lol, your team is so sick you have 2 roy oswalts

        nah man your team is sick, what type of league is this and how many people is in the league? You have a team that you really don't need to change. If its head to head or roto with a max pitching limit I'd strongly consider trading a pitcher (or 2) for a real strong bat, because you don't really have much depth with your bats. ESPECIALLY at OF

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