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    Ask and Thou shall receive...

    I'm bored, ask me anything

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    • Would you trade P. Burrell and M. Reynolds to get N. Markakis in a H2H League?

      I want to free up a roster spot to evntually take Victorino and Soriano off my DL

    • insert Cueto for Wainwright, and that deal makes sense for you...BUT it is HIGH RISK trading for Sheets, but HIGH REWARD if he stays remotely healthy

    • Shave Victorino, Paul Konerko, and Johnny Damon are FA in my league. Who should I get and for whom?

      Geovany Soto
      (ChC - C)
      Derrek Lee
      (ChC - 1B)
      B.J. Upton
      (TB - 2B,OF)
      David Wright
      (NYM - 3B)
      Miguel Tejada
      (Hou - SS)
      Carlos Beltrán
      (NYM - OF)
      Pat Burrell
      (Phi - OF)
      Carlos Lee
      (Hou - OF)
      Carlos Peña
      (TB - 1B)
      Chris Young
      (Ari - OF)
      Félix Hernández
      (Sea - SP)
      Brett Myers
      (Phi - SP,RP)
      Jason Isringhausen
      (StL - RP)
      Eric Gagne
      (Mil - RP)
      Huston Street
      (Oak - RP)
      Shaun Marcum
      (Tor - SP,RP)
      Derek Lowe
      (LAD - SP)
      Alex Gordon
      (KC - 1B,3B)
      Jason Bay
      (Pit - OF)
      Brad Penny
      (LAD - SP)
      Chad Billingsley
      (LAD - SP,RP)

    • i wnat to get rid of a-rod a tulowitzki, whoa should i be looking into getting for them?

    • You know any strong pitchers that would be available in a 16 team league? My hitting is a beast with Soto, Morneau, K.Johnson, Reyes, Zimmerman, Byrnes, Granderson, Hart, Konerko with Hawpe and Swisher on the bench but I have a mediocre rotation that desperately needs a closer: Lily, Blanton, Liriano, Francis, Snell, Cain with relievers C.Cordero, Bronxton and Marmol. Who should I use as trade bait hitterwise and who are good FA pitchers or pitchers to trade for?

    • Team A:

      Team B:

      who wins? fair?

    • I'm desperate for power.

      Somone has Derek Lee and Ryan Howard. He said he would give me either one for either Peavy or Webb, my choice.

      What do you think? (I also have Sabathia, Cain and Myers).

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      • Wow, you are loaded with Peavy, Webb, and Sabathia...I would trade for Howard tho. I know he looks REAL s hitty right now, but he started last season pretty bad as well, and u know how that panned out. Howards slump just might be coming to an end soon, and will start yardin' from then on out. Either one tho is pretty damn nice to have, so if ur gonna trade one of those pitchers, I'd trade Webb, just based on the last 3 years (peavy slight edge)

    • 20 Team MLB H2H points keeper league,hitting more valueble than pitching.
      I give Mark Reynolds,Eric Byrnes and Dan Haren
      I get Chipper Jones, Billy Butler and Oliver Perez
      do it or not and also what is the air speed velocity of an un-laden Swallow?

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      • I wouldn't do it. Chipper is as hot as they come, but you know about the injuries...Butler is just a pure hitter that won't do much else for you, and perez is a huge downgrade from Haren. Byrnes isn't sexy, but solid, and Reynolds has some good upside in the power/rbi cats....The airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow depends on many factors and parameters. For example, an African Swallow would tend to travel at a different velocity than an European Swallow. Furthermore, their flight patterns are different, so their instantaneous velocity at a given point will almost always be different. However, technological advances have given way to being able to use swallows to transport husked coconuts across large distances, enabling us to use coconuts on a daily basis, provided we have a large contingent of willing swallows ready to make a nonstop convoy for X amount of time, or however long we wish. Swallows can also be modified, as attaching a 50 newton rocket propulsion system on a 1 kg swallow will result in an acceleration of 50 m/s(2), which is of course negating any air resistance, since swallows have been recorded as outer space fliers. I hope i cleared any doubts about this matter.

    • Who wins

      I get Jenks, Renteria, Milledge
      I give Bedard, K. Greene, Gregg

    • Why is the sky blue?

      • 1 Reply to Mr.C
      • A clear cloudless day-time sky is blue because molecules in the air scatter blue light from the sun more than they scatter red light. When we look towards the sun at sunset, we see red and orange colours because the blue light has been scattered out and away from the line of sight.The white light from the sun is a mixture of all colours of the rainbow. This was demonstrated by Isaac Newton, who used a prism to separate the different colours and so form a spectrum. The colours of light are distinguished by their different wavelengths. The visible part of the spectrum ranges from red light with a wavelength of about 720 nm, to violet with a wavelength of about 380 nm, with orange, yellow, green, blue and indigo between. The three different types of colour receptors in the retina of the human eye respond most strongly to red, green and blue wavelengths, giving us our colour vision


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