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  • Timmy!! Timmy!! Apr 25, 2008 7:47 AM Flag

    Just Got A SICK Deal!!

    In a 12 team, custom non-keeper league, I just traded J.Santana & C.Guillen for L.Berkman & R.Braun. Here's my team after the trade:

    C: R.Martin
    1B: D.Ortiz
    2B: C.Figgins
    SS: Y.Escobar
    3B: R.Braun
    IF: T.Hafner
    OF: L.Berkman
    OF: K.Fukudome
    OF: G.Matthews Jr.
    Util: C.Jackson
    BN: K.Kouzmanoff, G.Sheffield
    DL: S.Victorino

    SP: J.Cueto
    SP: C.Lee
    SP: R.Hill
    RP: T.Saito
    RP: F.Cordero
    P: G.Sherrill
    P: I.Snell
    P: Z.Greinke
    BN: R.Wolf, M.Pelfrey, J.Danks

    ANY Thoughts?? I know my SP is a little weak now but this is a 20 scoring category league with 11 batting & 9 pitching stats.

    Thanks for reading and commenting!!

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    • Wow you guys just ripped me a new asshole haha!! Oh well, I have a knack for catching ace-comparable pitchers off waivers, so I'm gonna roll with it. Just give it time, I'll check back in a few weeks and show you the goods. I know it's a huge risk but every year I have Berkman in the past I have won or gone to the championship. He's my good luck charm. And I am a Phillies fan, so don't call me a homer or anything else.

    • Well, that's clearly a nice deal you got. Well worth it... Nice offense!

      Now it's pretty clear your pitching staff could use some work. I'm currently only comfortable with your pitching staff two-deep. I think that Cueto will finish with an ERA around 4.00 will a strike out an inning and respectable WHIP. I think Rich Hill will end up around the same. Both should win their share of games with the offenses they are associated with. That leaves you sitting with (optimistically, hinging on what Dusty Baker does to Cueto's arm) 400 IP of 4.00ERA, nice K's, and average to above average WHIP.

      Then the trouble begins. I have next to no confidence in Greinke, Snell, or Lee. None of them strike out enough batters to be a big help there, Greinke and Snell play for terrible teams that 12 wins from a guy like this would be almost a dream (it's possible to only get 12 combined from them from here on out). Lee at least pitches for a contender, but you're taking a huge leap of faith to think he gets the job done for you (Optimistically, 4.20 ERA, 15 wins, mediocre K's, subpar WHIP, realistically worse).

      You're really praying for Greinke to go Greg Maddox all over the place, Ian Snell to breakout, and Lee to have a career year. If all this doesn't happen you are looking mediocre pitching scoring by the end of the season, perhaps worse.

      As for your bench, I wouldn't let Randy Wolf anywhere near my team. He does this every year. He goes on a 4 start tear only to be bombed back to earth in his next few starts. I've made this mistake before, trust me... Drop him now, or better yet see if someone is crazy enough to take him in a trade.

      Pelfry is intriguing, doesn't strike anyone out, but could get you some wins, and if he can keep his ERA down could be serviceable. Danks could be useful if he can keep this up because his team can score some runs.

      The problem is that there are a lot of 'what ifs', not enough strikeouts, and no one you can absolutely trust to run out there without looking at the matchups...

      If I were you I'd be looking to trade Fukudome while his stock is high he's not going to really hit .350 all year anyway and you have Sheffield and Victorino. Pick up a pitcher with some upside who's pitching poorly at the moment. I would mention Rich Hill, but you have him. F. Liriano would be a possibility, perhaps R. Harden, but Harden is more gutsy, Oswalt would be another possibility.

      Good Luck!

    • Not that great of a move for your team. You have no ace now, youre #1 pitcher is now Snell? Hill is solid and Grienke is too, but the rest of your staff are bums.

    • lol not a good deal... and guillen will be 3B eligible now as him and cabrera are swapping positions and I think with the lineup guillen is in he will put up career numbers and your giving up Santana wow..

    • You just effed yourself.

    • You should have never let go of santana, overall your team is just average.

    • lol that was the dumbest deal u could have made..u could have gotten soooo much more for santana..by the way ur pitching sucks bigtime

    • You got ripped off, better rethink next time.

    • Could you join my league? I have some trades I'd like to offer you..

    • How is that such a SICK deal? You traded the best bitcher in baseball,plus a top 50 hitter for two top 20 hitters. Giving away Santana is a lot, and Braun is yet to prove last year was no fluke... Still a decent deal though...


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