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  • Leead Leead Apr 23, 2008 11:09 AM Flag

    whose a better pitcher?

    So, you are a renowned fantasy expert, who's pitched for seventeen years, and everything prediction you claim to have made has been true.

    This guys stroy gets less and less believabler. This is the guy who's "in a real expert lerague. The best fantasy players in the world. They know Braun suckls. drop Ryan Braun, blah blah blah."

    Any REAL expert would know it takes more than 2 weeks to see how a player will preform, but that's besides the point.

    CC has better control, and will get more K's and a lower WHIP and ERA, making him a better pitcher.

    In 4 years,m Verlander may be like CC is now, but until then, he lacks control necesarry to be great.

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    • cc and a lower era, are you kidding me, at least bill has his facts stright!

      cc, yes he was the cy young winner, but his whip has always been high, he had only one start last year where he didnt walk anyone. he has always struggled with control, plus the mental durability it takes to be a pitcher is massive, and little things like missed pitch location, hits, walks and runs get under cc's skin, verlander has a better mentality. plus a better offence, the tigers are just starting cold, give them a little while to heat up, hold onto verlander!


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