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  • Mike Mike Apr 19, 2008 9:29 PM Flag

    I will Answer while the sox are on!!!

    give me what you got for questions!!

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    • not enough! gotta work at seven but gotta drink for the sox and the bruins!!!! jackson if availble...if you can afford a bit of a wait I love votto with his ballpark, line up, and upside! who is available

    • getting my ass kicked need help

      12 team h2h

      C Joe Mauer
      1B Todd Helton
      2B Yunel Escobar
      3B David Wright
      SS J.J. Hardy
      OF Ichiro Suzuki
      OF Rick Ankiel
      OF Grady Sizemore
      Util Justin Upton
      BN Frank Thomas
      BN Adam Jones
      BN Lastings Milledge
      BN Andre Ethier
      DL Michael Cuddyer

      SP Erik Bedard
      SP C.C. Sabathia
      SP Phil Hughes
      SP Brandon Webb
      RP Mariano Rivera
      RP Jonathan Broxton
      P Shaun Marcum
      P Joba Chamberlain
      BN Heath Bell
      BN Wandy Rodriguez

      im trying to get another closer but dont know who to get and who to trade also trying to upgrade ss, any suggestions?Thanks

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      • is conor jackson available? get him. do you have an inning max. if not lose some offensive bench...two more starter get you a few more k's, maybe another win and more innings wash bad starts.....if you find couple of solid starters....look at all team's (okay maube not all teams) # 2 and 3's.... I like your line up but find someone who like JJ at SS and lose either bell or broxton in a package trade....I like bell because at some point (and i like the guy) but the bells will ring one last time for hoffman. who's availble....if jackson is grab him also look at votto on the bench for a bit...... he had 44 hr and 41 in AA and AAA over the last 2 + years as a 1B and will at some point be a great addition..... Lose thomas because he is going to lose playing time and if he is going to be on the bench, you might as well hold on to a prospect. I like your outfield / util

    • What is Adrian Gonzalez's value?

      Adrain Gonzalez is good, but I'm not the biggest fan of him. I don't trust him for some reason. I was wondering his value for a 1B, like what other 1b is worth him. I do have 4 outfielders and willing to give 1 up. I have Ichiro, Maggs, Alfonso, and Ludwick

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      • For him to max out at like 33 hr you are looking at a 265 average based on the park he is in...some big swings....I think he has value but I don't really like him...I would take conor jackson over him in honesty. He is a poor man's paul konerko in my opinion. that may be a good thing but I don't trust him either. ludwick I might trade but I haven't seen enough of him to make that assessment. If you need a 1B that is the man to do it with..... who do you have at first now?

    • Would you use a waiver on John Lackey? Comes off DL in a couple days and someone just waived him.

    • someone just offered me Putz for Hoffman.......(i almost laughed). However is Putz healthy enough that he will come off the DL anytime soon?

    • My original offer to trade Justin Germano for Phil Hughes was turned down.

      Now, the other owner has countered with:
      Stephen Drew and Phil Hughes for
      Yunel Escobar and Justin Germano

      I'm in a 16-team league, with following pos:C, 1B, any 2 MI, 3B, any 2 OF, Util, 5 SP, RP and 6 bench. It's a points based league. What scores points for hitters is OPS. For pitchers, it's basically ERA (k's make a slight difference).

      What should I do?


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      • I like drew for ops upside in a shortstop. I say take the trade...hughes has more of an upside an will get wins as a yankee. I imagine that this wasn't a blockbuster and its pretty even but I am not buying escobar ubless SB is a big thing in your league because that is the only thing he is guaranteed to bat drew in, maybe runs...... this is a better trade than what you proposed!

    • Cliff Lee or Chad Billingsley

      who would you want, and why?

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      • Lee is solid if you need him but billingsley has ton of potential..he is a K pitcher in a pitchers park and division. I like lee but if billingsley is available grab him. Lee will win 12-16 with about 145 K's of he gets to 220 innings with maybe a slight sub 4 era and a 1.25 - 1.35 whip I think. Billingsley will strike out a batter an inning and come june, will be the clear favorite unless you need the stability now.....go with dodger blue!!! thats where the future's at man!!!


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