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    ask me anything

    ask me anything

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    • should i keep Polanco or drop him for

      Kelly Johnson
      Jose Lopez

    • here's my team:
      c- Russel Martin
      1b- David Ortiz
      2b- Brian Roberts
      SS- Erick Aybar
      3b- Miguel Cabrera
      CI- Travis Haftner
      MI- B.J. Upton
      of- Alex Rios
      of- Curtis Granderson
      of- Carlos Gomez
      BN- Jimmy Rollins DL
      BN- Alfonso Soriano DL
      SP- Johan Santana
      Sp- John Maine
      SP- Nelson Figueroa
      RP- Fransisco Rodriguez
      Rp- Todd Jones
      RP- Takashi Saito
      P- Fausto Carmona
      P- Jeremy Bonderman
      P- Brian Bannister
      BN- John Lackey DL

      Should I make a trade for Ryan braun?? And if yes for Who??

    • what can i do with my team ??/ who should i get rid of and could i make some tardes...6 team h2h

      C Russell Martin
      1B Mark Teixeira
      2B Dan Uggla
      3B David Wright
      SS Bobby Crosby
      OF Eric Byrnes
      OF Bobby Abreu
      OF Pat Burrell
      Util Chris Young
      Util Mark Reynolds
      BN Vladimir Guerrero
      BN Jimmy Rollins
      BN Travis Hafner
      SP Erik Bedard
      SP Jake Peavy
      RP Joe Nathan
      RP George Sherrill
      P Tim Lincecum
      P J.J. Putz
      P Micah Owings
      BN Johnny Cueto
      BN Javier Vázquez

      i just dropped james sheilds yesterday like an idiot for owings and he had a great outing today should i get him back and drop a pitcher...also i wanna get rid of some of my OF

    • why don't you put a disclaimer saying that you're sucky baseball manager who gives sucky advice? i have to waste my time checking your baseball record after reading a couple of horrible responses...

    • should i sit on this team or make a move for a stud outfielder like holliday and what should i trade to get him its a 10 team h2h i listed a few of my trades to give u an idea of my strategy 2 or 3 good for one great is maybe justin upton worth upselling now or not?

      heres my team

      C Brian McCann (Atl - C)
      1B Ryan Howard (Phi - 1B) just aquired via trade matsui wainwright and e santana
      2B B.J. Upton (TB - 2B,OF)
      3B Garrett Atkins (Col - 1B,3B)
      SS Hanley Ramírez (Fla - SS)
      OF Eric Byrnes (Ari - OF)
      OF Corey Hart (Mil - OF) fa pickup
      OF Carlos Beltrán (NYM - OF)
      Util Gary Sheffield (Det - OF) fa pickup
      Util Justin Upton (Ari - OF)
      SP Cole Hamels (Phi - SP) just aquired in trade too wilson lyon and petitte
      SP Tim Lincecum (SF - SP) aquired for m rivera trade to start season
      SP Jonathan Sánchez (SF - SP,RP)
      RP Billy Wagner (NYM - RP)
      RP Francisco Rodríguez (LAA - RP)
      P Kevin Gregg (Fla - RP) fa pickup
      P Manny Acosta (Atl - RP)
      BN Ken Griffey Jr. (Cin - OF)
      BN Joey Votto (Cin - 1B,OF)
      BN Brad Penny (LAD - SP)
      BN John Maine (NYM - SP)
      BN Ted Lilly (ChC - SP) fa pickup
      BN Randy Johnson (Ari - SP)
      BN Clay Buchholz (Bos - SP)
      DL Chris Carpenter (StL - SP) DL
      DL Rafael Soriano (Atl - RP) DL

    • Crawford trade help please

    • TRADE HELP>>> CARL CRAWFORD for JOSH HAMILTON GEORGE SERHEIL AND BRANDON LYON i give up CRAWFORD the only RP i have is kevin Gregg OF i have Hunter Pence, B.J Upton, Hideki Matusui, Carlos Quetin, Rick Ankiel what do you think

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      • i am in an 8 team H2H league with the categories: R, H, 1B, 2B, 3B, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, W, L, CG, SV, ER, HR, BB, K, ERA and i was wondering if i should accept the following trade that i was offered. i have posted below my team along with my opponents so if you can make a better trade, that would be greatly appreciated.

        i get david ortiz and ryan braun
        i give david wright, todd helton, and mariano rivera

        (my opponent only has one rp, is a yankee fan, and is very desperate)

        this is MY current roster.....

        C A.J. Pierzynski
        1B Prince Fielder
        2B Ian Kinsler
        3B David Wright
        SS Cristian Guzmán
        OF Vladimir Guerrero
        OF Eric Byrnes
        OF Grady Sizemore
        Util Justin Upton
        Util Curtis Granderson
        Util Xavier Nady
        BN Adrián Béltre
        BN Troy Tulowitzki
        BN Todd Helton

        SP James Shields
        SP John Maine
        SP Javier Vázquez
        RP Billy Wagner
        RP Mariano Rivera
        P Francisco Cordero
        P Kevin Gregg
        P Brandon Lyon
        P J.J. Putz
        BN Cole Hamels
        BN Oliver Pérez
        DL Erik Bedard

        this is HIS roster.......

        C Iván Rodríguez
        1B Lance Berkman
        2B Jeff Kent
        3B Ryan Braun
        SS Hanley Ramírez
        OF Adam Dunn
        OF Bobby Abreu
        OF Torii Hunter
        Util Álex Ríos
        Util Jim Thome
        Util David Ortiz
        BN Howie Kendrick
        BN Carlos Delgado
        BN Troy Glaus
        BN Casey Kotchman
        DL Shane Victorino

        SP John Smoltz
        SP Greg Maddux
        SP Micah Owings
        RP Tony Peña
        RP C.J. Wilson
        P Daisuke Matsuzaka
        P Brad Penny
        P Félix Hernández
        P Carlos Zambrano
        BN Saul Rivera
        DL John Lackey

        thank you for any input!!!!!

    • Who do you think will win the World Series? And don't just say your favorite team.

    • Kotchman or C.Jackson?

      A few nights ago everyone was jumping on the Casy Kotchman wagon. Now everyone seems to think Conor Jackson is great. They're obviously both good, but whose better, .... and is there a big difference between the two players?

    • Nesack or C. Jackson?

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