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    question answerer guy

    thats me

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    • i am looking to pick up another 2B. i just have figgins right now. i have peralta, dunn, and beltre/crede on my bench. would peralta for hill be a good trade or dunn for roberts be better?

    • his team:
      C Jorge Posada
      (NYY - C)

      1B Carlos Guillén
      (Det - 1B,SS)

      2B Brian Roberts
      (Bal - 2B)

      3B Garrett Atkins
      (Col - 1B,3B)

      SS José Reyes
      (NYM - SS)

      LF Carl Crawford
      (TB - LF)

      CF Johnny Damon
      (NYY - LF,CF)

      RF Jermaine Dye
      (CWS - RF)
      Util Jason Varitek
      (Bos - C)

      Util Gary Matthews Jr.
      (LAA - LF,CF)

      Util Justin Morneau
      (Min - 1B)

      SP Félix Hernández
      (Sea - SP)

      SP Brad Penny
      (LAD - SP)

      SP Aaron Harang
      (Cin - SP)

      RP Manuel Corpas
      (Col - RP)

      RP Jason Isringhausen
      (StL - RP)

      P Oliver Pérez
      (NYM - SP)

      P Heath Bell
      (SD - RP)

      BN Michael Young
      (Tex - SS)

      BN Chris Duncan
      (StL - 1B,LF)

      BN Brandon Phillips
      (Cin - 2B)
      BN Michael Cuddyer
      (Min - RF) DL

      BN Khalil Greene
      (SD - SS)

      BN Aaron Hill
      (Tor - 2B)

      BN Conor Jackson
      (Ari - 1B)

      DL Rich Harden
      (Oak - SP) DL

      DL Rafael Soriano
      (Atl - RP) DL
      DL Chris Carpenter
      (StL - SP) DL

      my team
      C Brian McCann
      (Atl - C)
      1B Albert Pujols
      (StL - 1B)

      2B Dustin Pedroia
      (Bos - 2B)

      3B Aramis Ramírez
      (ChC - 3B)

      SS Édgar Rentería
      (Det - SS)
      LF Carlos Lee
      (Hou - LF)
      CF Corey Hart
      (Mil - CF,RF)

      RF Vladimir Guerrero
      (LAA - RF)

      Util Bobby Abreu
      (NYY - RF)
      Util Jeff Francoeur
      (Atl - RF)

      Util Casey Kotchman
      (LAA - 1B)

      SP Brian Bannister
      (KC - SP)

      SP Liván Hernández
      (Min - SP)

      SP Justin Germano
      (SD - SP)

      RP José Valverde
      (Hou - RP)

      RP Brad Lidge
      (Phi - RP)

      P Dan Haren
      (Ari - SP)

      P Chad Cordero
      (Was - RP)

      BN Akinori Iwamura
      (TB - 2B,3B)

      BN Corey Patterson
      (Cin - CF)
      BN Orlando Cabrera
      (CWS - SS)

      BN James Loney
      (LAD - 1B)

      BN A.J. Pierzynski
      (CWS - C)

      BN Orlando Hudson
      (Ari - 2B)

      BN Kosuke Fukudome
      (ChC - RF)

      BN Carlos Delgado
      (NYM - 1B)
      BN Stephen Drew
      (Ari - SS)

      DL Curtis Granderson
      (Det - CF) DL

      DL Ty Wigginton
      (Hou - 1B,2B,3B) DL

      BN Derek Lowe
      (LAD - SP)

      DL Erik Bedard
      (Sea - SP) DL

      DL Scott Kazmir
      (TB - SP) DL

      he has expressed his interest to trade carl crawford.... can u think of a trade where i get the slightly better deal but it doesnt look lopsided?

    • After first two weeks, I'm currently sitting in sixth. I have a feeling it's because some of my bats haven't starting hitting yet. This is who I got right now:
      C - McCann
      1B - Howard
      2B - Uggla
      SS - Tulowitzki
      3B - Miggy Cabrera
      OF - Markakis
      OF - Carlos Lee
      OF - Ankiel
      UT - Teixera
      UT - Hafner
      BN - Theriot
      BN - Swisher
      BN - Jason Bay

      SP - Carmona
      SP - Penny
      RP - K-Rod
      RP - Joakin Soria
      P - Phil Hughes
      P - Liriano
      P - Betancourt
      BN - Chad Cordero
      DL - Rafael Soriano

      Should I make any moves or just try to wait out the slumps. What moves should I make?

    • 12 team h2h i did all the drops...hows my team look now and what do i need? P.Hughes/I.Rodriguez are available!

      Russell Martin
      Alex Gordon
      Ian Kinsler
      Evan Longoria
      Hanley Ramírez
      Ichiro Suzuki
      Carlos Lee
      Nick Swisher
      Troy Tulowitzki
      Adam Dunn
      Ryan Zimmerman
      Dan Uggla

      Jeremy Bonderman
      Chris Young
      Francisco Cordero
      Troy Percival
      George Sherrill
      Trevor Hoffman
      Clay Buchholz
      Tim Lincecum
      Johnny Cueto
      Cole Hamels

    • Im having trouble keeping the era down...i started the year with autodraft: ian kennedy, lester, hughes, capps, f cordero, hoffman, okajima, j weaver, buchholz

      heres what i have now:
      lester, j weaver, d mcgowan, volquez, buchholz, joe saunders

      can i get away with this? or is it time to panic and trade hanram for a solid pitcher.

    • you guys think this is a good trade im proposing

      i give cueto and jj hardy

      for carlos guillen and kerry wood

      i think its a little lopsided, but im not sure?

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      • im not completely sold on cueto(like everybody else seems to be) and i have hardy on my team and he is in a terrible slump, while wood has been solid in his closer role and guillen has been hitting solid all year in a slumping tigers order, trade is far from lopsided but if its a public league itll get vetoed because 75% of trades do its just the way it is

    • Should I trade Pat Burrell for Dan Haren, Justin Verlander or Ben Sheets and Dice-K or will he just have a monster of a year?

    • Due to recent trades and waiver pickups, I have an abudance of OF.

      My Team is:

      C. (R. Martin)
      1st (C. Pena)
      2nd ( B. Phillips)
      3rd ( C. Figgins)
      SS ( Y. Escobar)
      LF ( M. Holliday)
      CF ( G. Sizemore)
      RF ( K. Fukudome)
      UTL ( C. Crawford)(LF)
      Bench ( A. Dunn) (LF)

      Which one should I trade and for what position?

    • Tool. you know nothing

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