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  • Pink Floyd Pink Floyd Aug 17, 2008 1:23 AM Flag

    ask me question i will answer

    10 team keeper H2H league. We get to keep 8 players. Here's my team:

    C - Ramon Hernandez
    1B - Texiera
    2B - Cano/Theriot
    3B - David Wright
    SS - Tejada
    OF - Josh Hamilton
    OF - Nate McLouth
    OF - @#$%udome
    Util - Jim Thome
    Util - Delmon Young
    BN - Mark Reynolds
    BN - Gary Sheffield
    BN - JJ Hardy
    BN - Jose Guillen
    DL - Travis Hafner

    SP - Peavy
    SP - Sheets
    SP - Javier Vasquez
    SP - Oliver Perez
    RP - Jon Rauch
    RP - Hong Chi Kuo
    RP - BJ Ryan
    DL - Matt Capps
    DL - Eric Bedard

    We have some expanded categories, on offense we count 1B, 2B, 3B, HR, RBI, SB, K, BB, E, Avg, OPS. Pitching counts IP, W, CG, SHO, SV, HR, K, ERA, WHIP, NH.

    Given that, the league obviously leans toward offense since there are more categories, plus 3 of the pitching categories are low occurances (CG, SHO, NH).

    Sorry for all that info, but I figured you'd need it to make an informed opinion! Anyway, I was thinking about making some deals. What do you think about these trades:

    Texiera/@#$%udome/Thome for Longoria/Joba

    Hamilton/Thome/Tejada for Kazmir/Alfonso Soriano

    Also, I have been proposed a trade by someone which would send me Jacoby Ellsbury for Jim Thome and Javier Vaszquez. Should I pull the trigger on this one if the other deals aren't accepted?

    Do you think either of those are fair deals? I just took over for a deadbeat owner and I'm stuck in dead last place (by a wide margin). I'm just writing this season off and trying to improve my team for next year, so I'm trying to get 2 keepers for one of mine. I don't care if I overpay by adding players I won't be keeping. Your thoughts? And which 8 players would you keep off the current roster?


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