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  • Caleb S Caleb S Mar 30, 2008 10:41 AM Flag

    Just drafted... best team i have ever had

    Rate 1-10
    C- Brian McCann
    1B- Mark Texeira
    2B- Chase Utley
    3B- Alex Rodriguez
    SS- Jimmy Rollins
    OF- Magglio Ordonez
    OF- Brad Hawpe
    OF- Nick Markasis
    Util- Garrett Atkins
    Util- Matt Kemp
    Bench- Jacoby Ellsbury
    Chipper Jones
    Rickie Weeks
    Mike Lowell

    Pitching staff-
    SP- Erik Bedard
    SP- Scott Kazmir
    SP- Fausto Carmona
    RP- Billy Wagner
    RP- Francisco Cordero
    P- Rafael Betancourt (league with holds category)
    P- Hideki Okajima
    Bench- Jeff Francis
    Joe Borowski

    Let me know wat i need to change

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    • i call bs, the only thing missing oh your team is my dck in ur mother, good luck cheat hope you finish 4th out of 4 teams

    • A wise man once said that if you have pants nobody will ever look at your pimple so don't think you can get away with it.

    • There's no way you just drafted. You must've had to make trades to get those guys. Rollins and Utley are both at least top 10, so getting them with picks 12 and 13 is ridiculous.

      Trade Hawpe for Holliday. If this is how other guys draft, there's no question they'll be idiots when they trade.

      What a joke!

    • Round 1
      1. Álex Rodríguez Braves R' Ch...
      2. José Reyes tward
      3. Hanley Ramírez The All Stars
      4. Albert Pujols PEN15
      5. Troy Tulowitzki Bravos
      6. Johan Santana beefdiesels
      Round 2
      1. Ichiro Suzuki beefdiesels
      2. Édgar Rentería Bravos
      3. David Wright PEN15
      4. Ryan Howard The All Stars
      5. David Ortiz tward
      6. Chase Utley Braves R' Ch...
      Round 3
      1. Jimmy Rollins Braves R' Ch...
      2. Carl Crawford tward
      3. Manny Ramírez The All Stars
      4. Matt Holliday PEN15
      5. Rafael Soriano Bravos
      6. Prince Fielder beefdiesels
      Round 4
      1. Grady Sizemore beefdiesels
      2. Jason Isringhausen Bravos
      3. Miguel Cabrera PEN15
      4. Josh Beckett The All Stars
      5. Carlos Beltrán tward
      6. Mark Teixeira Braves R' Ch...
      Round 5
      1. Magglio Ordóñez Braves R' Ch...
      2. Jake Peavy tward
      3. Ryan Braun The All Stars
      4. Alfonso Soriano PEN15
      5. Khalil Greene Bravos
      6. Carlos Lee beefdiesels
      Round 6
      1. Vladimir Guerrero beefdiesels
      2. Brandon Webb Bravos
      3. Brandon Phillips PEN15
      4. C.C. Sabathia The All Stars
      5. B.J. Upton tward
      6. Erik Bedard Braves R' Ch...
      Round 7
      1. Garrett Atkins Braves R' Ch...
      2. J.J. Putz tward
      3. Víctor Martínez The All Stars
      4. Lance Berkman PEN15
      5. Jonathan Papelbon Bravos
      6. Álex Ríos beefdiesels
      Round 8
      1. Brian Roberts beefdiesels
      2. Curtis Granderson Bravos
      3. Russell Martin PEN15
      4. Robinson Canó The All Stars
      5. Hunter Pence tward
      6. Brian McCann Braves R' Ch...
      Round 9
      1. Billy Wagner Braves R' Ch...
      2. Francisco Rodríguez tward
      3. Gary Sheffield The All Stars
      4. Derek Jeter PEN15
      5. Iván Rodríguez Bravos
      6. Aramis Ramírez beefdiesels
      Round 10
      1. Carlos Guillén beefdiesels
      2. Cole Hamels Bravos
      3. Adam Dunn PEN15
      4. Justin Morneau The All Stars
      5. Joe Mauer tward
      6. Brad Hawpe Braves R' Ch...
      Round 11
      1. Scott Kazmir Braves R' Ch...
      2. Justin Verlander tward
      3. Félix Hernández The All Stars
      4. Joe Nathan PEN15
      5. John Smoltz Bravos
      6. Carlos Zambrano beefdiesels
      Round 12
      1. Mariano Rivera beefdiesels
      2. Travis Hafner Bravos
      3. John Lackey PEN15
      4. Dan Haren The All Stars
      5. Ryan Zimmerman tward
      6. Nick Markakis Braves R' Ch...
      Round 13
      1. Francisco Cordero Braves R' Ch...
      2. Francisco Liriano tward
      3. Trevor Hoffman The All Stars
      4. Takashi Saito PEN15
      5. Dustin Pedroia Bravos
      6. José Valverde beefdiesels
      Round 14
      1. Roy Oswalt beefdiesels
      2. Yunel Escobar Bravos
      3. Aaron Harang PEN15
      4. Chad Cordero The All Stars
      5. Juan Pierre tward
      6. Fausto Carmona Braves R' Ch...
      Round 15
      1. Rafael Betancourt Braves R' Ch...
      2. Miguel Tejada tward
      3. Daisuke Matsuzaka The All Stars
      4. Chris Young PEN15
      5. Jeff Francoeur Bravos
      6. Brad Penny beefdiesels
      Round 16
      1. Roy Halladay beefdiesels
      2. Torii Hunter Bravos
      3. Bobby Jenks PEN15
      4. Heath Bell The All Stars
      5. Joba Chamberlain tward
      6. Chipper Jones Braves R' Ch...
      Round 17
      1. Hideki Okajima Braves R' Ch...
      2. Kerry Wood tward
      3. Chris Young The All Stars
      4. Tim Lincecum PEN15
      5. Tim Hudson Bravos
      6. Rafael Furcal beefdiesels
      Round 18
      1. Jorge Posada beefdiesels
      2. Derrek Lee Bravos
      3. Bobby Abreu PEN15
      4. Chone Figgins The All Stars
      5. Pedro Martínez tward
      6. Jeff Francis Braves R' Ch...
      Round 19
      1. Matt Kemp Braves R' Ch...
      2. Kevin Youkilis tward
      3. Eric Byrnes The All Stars
      4. Carlos Peña PEN15
      5. Dontrelle Willis Bravos
      6. Ian Kinsler beefdiesels
      Round 20
      1. Corey Hart beefdiesels
      2. Orlando Hernández Bravos
      3. Michael Young PEN15
      4. Vernon Wells The All Stars
      5. Jake Westbrook tward
      6. Joe Borowski Braves R' Ch...
      Round 21
      1. Jacoby Ellsbury Braves R' Ch...
      2. Adam LaRoche tward
      3. Dan Uggla The All Stars
      4. Javier Vázquez PEN15
      5. Kevin Millwood Bravos
      6. Adrián González beefdiesels

    • Sell high on Ordonez. His 2007 BABIP points to a dissappointing 2008.

    • Ur a liar!!! there is no way, unless u paly with the stupidest league in y!


    • Seriously you must play in a league full of jackasses if they let u acquire 5 top 20 players and a pitcher who goes as the first or second pitcher taken in the draft... anyway u should be on your way to winning unless there are two smart people in your league...........................

    • You must be the only guy in the league to get arod rollins and utley all on the same team. That lineup is bullshit. no way you get 3 first round players in a league unless there are 2 people in your league.

    • What are there only 2 people in your league? or are they all from Poland (you getting arod and utley)

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