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    The Doctor is in....

    Until 1pm Central....

    Please post any questions about trades, teams or general player advice. I will respond as quickly as possible.

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    • 12 team H2H Fantasy Funkadelic League. Cats: R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, OPS, W, SV, K, ERA, WHIP, QS

      MY TEAM:
      C Kenji Johjima (Sea - C)
      1B Justin Morneau (Min - 1B)
      2B Kelly Johnson (Atl - 2B)
      3B Ryan Braun (Mil - 3B)
      SS Jimmy Rollins (Phi - SS)
      OF Vernon Wells (Tor - OF)
      OF Juan Pierre (LAD - OF)
      OF Johnny Damon (NYY - OF)
      Util Michael Young (Tex - SS)
      SP Erik Bedard (Sea - SP)
      SP Jered Weaver (LAA - SP)
      RP J.J. Putz (Sea - RP)
      RP Joe Nathan (Min - RP)
      P José Valverde (Hou - RP)
      P Derek Lowe (LAD - SP)
      P Jeremy Guthrie (Bal - SP,RP)
      BN Raúl Ibañez (Sea - OF)
      BN Chris Duncan (StL - 1B,OF)
      BN Nick Johnson (Was - 1B)
      DL Kazuo Matsui (Hou - 2B) DL
      BN Jason Isringhausen (StL - RP)
      BN Troy Percival (TB - RP)

      I know my OF suck - I'm working on it. This was proposed to me:

      I Give: Putz and Percival
      I Get: Francouer and Zambrano

      The guy also has Beckett on his team. Should I ask for Beckett instead of Zambrano, or just accept this one? This would be another possibility:

      I Give: Putz and Isringhausen
      I Get: Manny and Zambrano


    • ok so here is the deal. first off this is my first time in fantsay baseball im in a 12 x 12 roto league. seond halfway through my draft i lost power so my comptuer was down and i lost the last picks on my draft.. i think i need some much better hitters any advice on trades fa i will list if asked thanks alot

      russell martin
      paul konerko
      chone figgins
      adrian beltre
      michael young
      tori hunter
      vernon wells
      michale cuddyer
      howie kendrick
      griffery jr
      casey blake
      joey votto

      johan santana
      jake peavy
      tony pena
      heath bell
      dice k
      john maine
      joanthan broxton
      brian fuentes
      joba chambarlin

      ok here is the fisrt 2 pages

      justin upton
      aj pierynski
      melky cabera
      kevin kouzmanoff
      jd drew
      scott rolen
      bill hall
      akinori iwamura
      casey kotchman
      luis castillo
      mark tehen
      reggie willts
      chris duncan
      jason bartlett
      paul la duca
      tadahito iguchi
      mark renoyds
      david jesus
      dimirti young
      m napoli
      jack crust
      mike jacobs
      lye overbay
      joe crede
      ian stewart
      feddy sanchez
      andre ethier
      bobby crosby
      xaiver nady
      melvin mora
      adam jones
      billy butler
      colby rasmus
      cameron maybin
      travis buck

      And also here is the first page of closers

      pat neshek
      scott shields
      jon rauch
      chris bay
      joaquin benoit
      al reyes
      ryan dempster
      russ springer
      claudio vargrass
      chad qualls
      aron heilman
      brad henessey
      juan cruz
      dan wheeler
      alan embree
      scott proctor
      jorge sosa
      luis vizcanio
      matt guerrier
      kevin corriea
      cla merdith
      scott downs
      derrick turnbow

      • 1 Reply to Lupo617
      • I've seen a lot of teams in worse shape that this so you've don OK despite you're problem. A few suggestions.

        1) Chaimberlain is not going to be a factor immediately so unless this is a keeper league drop him in favour of Ian Kennedy (who is still available in a lot of leagues)

        2) In my book Konerko is always potential trade material. He may have strong power numbers but his average nearly always kills you & you don't have anyone who's going to hit .330 and make up for it. You might try and entice somebody with a Konerko & Chaimberlain deal, but you'll have trouble getting real value for it.

        3) Beltre is going to play hurt & is unlikely to put up spectacular numbers. This, however should force him to be more patient at the plate, so look for his average to go up, which might make him viable. Still I would try an offload him if you can.

        4) Your potential closer list is the usual Yahoo generated nonsense which confuses first time players. None of these guys are going to do anything of significance so ignore them. Check to see if George Sherrill (Bal) is available as people often miss him in Casual play drafts. Of those on the list, Turnbow (Mil) has been a decent fantasy player in the past, but has stunk the joint up really badly in the last couple of year. Worth keeping an eye on though.

        5) The batters.... From the list you've got on the screen I've picked a few to make a comment on.

        scott rolen – Will be out until may, but look for him to have a bit of a comeback.

        chris duncan – Getting a lot of attention at the low end of drafts. If he can sort out his 28% strike out percentage he is worth owning.

        ian stewart – Is a good prospect, but got killed with a 35% SO rate in his first MLB season. Will start in the minors & may be a long term sleeper.

        melvin mora – Could be this year’s steal & is having a great spring.

        adam jones - Nearly ready, but not quite yeat.

        billy butler - A good bet for a solid season, but will not break the records the way yahoo are predicting. Look for .298 ave, 86 RBI, 20 HR, 90 Runs, 5 SB

        colby rasmus – Outstanding prospect, but is not going to start the year. Keep him on your watch list though.

        cameron maybin – Another good prospect who will start the year in the minors.

        Suggested players who might not have been picked…..

        Lastings Milledge – Will have a solid season, but will not set the world on fire (see my earlier reply to Dennis70.

        Michael Bourn – Could be a great pick & will steal bases – Only problem is your team is already sorted out for speed.

        Jay Bruce – Will start the year in the minors, but has All-star potential. Watch him.

        Guys to trade for….

        You might be able to get people to part with players like Carlos Pena, Matt Kemp, & Corey Hart, but this will depend on what your league looks like.

        Hope this was useful. Best of luck!!!

    • plz respond to my How'd I do Managing a Sub-Par Draft...its a little bit big to fit into a reply...

    • should i take greinke(kc),or jimenez(col)?

      • 1 Reply to .
      • Last years sabremetrics tables say…..

        Home runs per 9 inn – Greinke 0.89, Jimenez 1.10
        Fly Balls – Greinke .460, Jimenez .333
        Ground Balls – Greinke, .329, Jimenez .458
        Left on Base – Greinke .756, Jimenez .677
        Strikes per 9 inns – Greinke, 7.8, Jimenez 7.5
        Strikes / Walks – Greinke 2.98, Jimenez 1.84
        On Base Percentage – Greinke 3.19, Jimenez 3.22

        The doctor says.….

        This might appear a difficult choice, because they have similar stats. Greinke, however, has more ways of getting himself out of a jam & when Jimenez gets hurt it’s going to be big.

        They will have similar K totals, but Greinke should edge out Jimenez on ERA & WHIP.

        If I’m going to project win totals I would estimate both will finish with just above even records. Perhaps 14-12 for Ubaldo, 13-11 for Zack. Therefore I don’t think the fact that Colorado a better team than KC should come into the equation here.

        One interesting stat is how well they do against Base runners. Really good pitchers have a good awareness of the game & don’t give up high numbers. For me this is where Jimenez lets himself down. Last year he allowed 16 without catching a single runner. Grienke gave up 4 and caught 3.

        Go with Grienke

    • I have Juan Pierre on my roster with Curtis Granderson on the DL until mid-to-late April, but until Granderson comes back from the DL, who should I pick up to replace Pierre... Melky Cabrera, J.D. Drew, Coco Crisp, Andre Ethier, Billy Butler, Emil Brown, or Marco Scutaro???

      • 2 Replies to Erick
      • Simple answer check out the schedules for the following players....Cabrera, Butler, Ethier.

        Whoever has the weakest first month go with them.

        Everybody seems to be going with Butler so why not join the crowd, but I've got time for Ethier. He hits an even spread across the field and is directly competing with Juan Pierre for a roster spot, so you won't have any trouble with knowing when to drop him.

        The upside for Cabrera is that he might get the odd base, but I wouldn't get too excited by that as he's not going to do what Pierre does in terms of speed.

      • cabrera or butler would be good choices...im leanin towards butler personally

    • Hi, im in a 12 team H2H normal yahoo league. Any trades i could try to make this team better ? I am trading J.Guillen for Todd Jones to help my RP. Thanks for any advice.

      1. (12) Johan Santana SP
      2. (13) Carl Crawford OF
      3. (36) Brandon Webb SP
      4. (37) Derek Jeter SS
      5. (60) Nick Markakis OF
      6. (61) Chipper Jones 3B
      7. (84) Matt Kemp OF
      8. (85) Roy Halladay SP
      9. (108) Fausto Carmona SP
      10. (109) Daisuke Matsuzaka SP
      11. (132) Josh Hamilton OF
      12. (133) Alex Gordon 1B,3B
      13. (156) Jeff Kent 2B
      14. (157) Bengie Molina C
      15. (180) Jeremy Guthrie SP,RP
      16. (181) Troy Percival RP
      17. (204) Ryan Garko 1B
      18. (205) Adam LaRoche 1B
      19. (228) Aaron Hill 2B
      20. (229) Kevin Kouzmanoff 3B
      21. (252) José Guillén OF

      Do you think i could try and trade Hamilton for a top RP ?

      • 1 Reply to Donald
      • Nice team in H2H.

        Not sure I'd get rid of Hamilton though. He is looking to have a strong year, but as he has yet to blast it for a whole season you're unlikely to entice somebody into giving you a top line closer. You'll probably only get a Joakim Soria if you're lucky.

        Guillen for Jones is a good trade esp in H2H.

        Kouzmanoff....I'm not seduced by this guy in the same way everybody else is. I still think he needs to sort his average out a bit to be a truly great player, but his slugging % is solid. He might be worth offloading for George Sherrill / Kerry Wood / BJ Ryan / Accardo if they are available on waivers.

        Good luck

    • who will have a better year offensively? A.Ramirez or J.Morneau?


      C: JR Towles
      1B: David Ortiz
      2B: Chase Utley
      3B: Ryan Zimmerman
      SS: Miguel Tejada
      IF: Brian Roberts
      IF: Rafael Furcal
      OF: Adam Dunn
      OF: Corey Hart
      OF: Nick Markakis
      UTIL: Jim Thome
      UTIL: Shane Victirino
      BN: Joey Votto
      DL: Kaz Matsui

      SP: Roy Oswalt
      SP: Javier Vazquez
      SP: Dustin McGowan
      SP: Joe Blanton
      SP: Gil Meche
      SP: Jeremy Guthrie
      SP: Greg Maddux

      RP: Jason Isringhausen
      RP: Kevin Gregg
      RP: Brian Wilson
      RP: Tom Gordon

      • 1 Reply to Tom
      • Decent team.

        Good balance between power & spped in your hitting line up. Esp like the Roberts / Hart / Furcal / Victorino to balance Ortiz / Dunn / Thome / Tejada. Top catching prospect Towles to top it off - Very Nice !!!

        Only thing that might stop you topping the league in batting categories is a .AVE.

        Not quite as convinced about the pitching, though. You can set your watch by Oswalt, Maddux & Vazquez, but Blanton & McGowan could be risky.

        Same for the closers - all could give you love or damage your era / whip.

        Best of luck

    • He gets rios, webb and figgins

      I get santana and crawford

      • 2 Replies to jay b
      • Not sure I'd go with this one. It appears enticing on the outside, but when you think about it.....

        If you've got cover for speed then offloading Figgins is a possibility, but then you'll lose his average.

        Rios is turning into the new Vernon Wells fantasy wise, so I'd be reluctant to give him up as well.

        As for Santana vs Webb there's not a lot in it. Santana will probably give you an extra 35ks over the whole year, but will probably cost you .030 in ERA. Having said that I do like the idea of him pitching in the batting graveyard at Shea.

        If this is a keeper league do it, but if you want instant success hold fire.

      • no way. bad for you

    • F. Hernandez for Josh Hamilton... good trade? who gets the better?

      • 1 Reply to Crayton
      • Personally I like Hernandez, and everyone in Seattle seems very excited about him. But we've heard it all before in Seattle & I don't trust it until I've seen it. Yes is a great prospect. Yes his is likely to be a future all star, but will it be now, or will his .WHIP hurt you in the meantime while you wait for him to be good.

        On the basis that great hitters are a premium Hamilton is much better value.

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