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  • Andy S Andy S Mar 29, 2008 12:39 PM Flag

    The Doctor is in....

    Until 1pm Central....

    Please post any questions about trades, teams or general player advice. I will respond as quickly as possible.

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    • keeper league questions...

      I have jd drew and garko on my bench...I could drop one to get connor jackson or both and get brandon wood (it is a keeper league). or will garko be big in Cleveland?

      I was thinking of dropping drew for jackson...is wood legit>

      also what about e. santana from the angels

    • He gets rios, webb and figgins

      I get santana and crawford

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      • no way. bad for you

      • Not sure I'd go with this one. It appears enticing on the outside, but when you think about it.....

        If you've got cover for speed then offloading Figgins is a possibility, but then you'll lose his average.

        Rios is turning into the new Vernon Wells fantasy wise, so I'd be reluctant to give him up as well.

        As for Santana vs Webb there's not a lot in it. Santana will probably give you an extra 35ks over the whole year, but will probably cost you .030 in ERA. Having said that I do like the idea of him pitching in the batting graveyard at Shea.

        If this is a keeper league do it, but if you want instant success hold fire.

    • I have Juan Pierre on my roster with Curtis Granderson on the DL until mid-to-late April, but until Granderson comes back from the DL, who should I pick up to replace Pierre... Melky Cabrera, J.D. Drew, Coco Crisp, Andre Ethier, Billy Butler, Emil Brown, or Marco Scutaro???

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      • cabrera or butler would be good choices...im leanin towards butler personally

      • Simple answer check out the schedules for the following players....Cabrera, Butler, Ethier.

        Whoever has the weakest first month go with them.

        Everybody seems to be going with Butler so why not join the crowd, but I've got time for Ethier. He hits an even spread across the field and is directly competing with Juan Pierre for a roster spot, so you won't have any trouble with knowing when to drop him.

        The upside for Cabrera is that he might get the odd base, but I wouldn't get too excited by that as he's not going to do what Pierre does in terms of speed.

    • Ok heres my team.

      C. Bengie Molina

      1B Mark Teixira

      2B Brandon Philliups

      3B Miguel Cabrera

      SS Carlos Guillen

      OF Matt Holliday

      OF Adam Dunn

      OF Cory Hart

      Utl Chris Young

      BN Jhonny Peralta

      SP Aaron Harang

      SP Javier Vazquez

      SP Brett Myers

      RP Billy Wagner

      RP Joba Chamerlain

      P Rich Hill

      BN Derek Lowe

      BN Joakim Soria

      BN Ian Snell

      BN Rafael Soriano

      Oh its a 10 man league

      I am thinking about dropping Molina for Towles.
      I am thinking of picking up Votto from the free agents.

      Also I need pitching advice. I can pick up Pena, Arroya, Wilson, Broxton or Bentancourt. But who should I drop. Am I focusing too much on pitching (I got advice that i should).
      One more thing how do you think Myers will do this year. I picked him but am scepticle.
      What trades should I propose?

      Thanks if you can help.

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      • I would go with the Molina / Towles exchange. I'm owning Towles in 2 leagues & I thinks he'll do the job. Molina is a fine defensive catcher, but is not going to hit the ball hard. Towles, on the other hand.....

        Votto looks to be a good pick up & I'm pretty sure you can do without Peralta for example.

        The only other change I would recommend is ditching Chaimberlain. I know he is going to be a great pitcher, but how soon & in what context. As a starter he would be worth it, but as a middle reliever you've got to expect wasted innings in a Roto setting.

        As for who you pick up to replace him Arroyo seems popular, but I'm not convinced he's going to do anything other plug a whole in your team with annoying blowout against Pittsburgh & then hold Houston to a shutout when you drop him.

        See if Ian Kennedy is available. Most leagues seem to be ignoring him & who better to replace a Yankee pitcher than a Yankee pitcher who's going to start a game.

    • C
      Russell Martin
      (LAD - C)
      Carlos Peña
      (TB - 1B)
      Chase Utley
      (Phi - 2B)
      Aramis Ramírez
      (ChC - 3B)
      Édgar Rentería
      (Det - SS)
      Kevin Youkilis
      (Bos - 1B,3B)
      Alfonso Soriano
      (ChC - OF)
      Hideki Matsui
      (NYY - OF)
      Jacoby Ellsbury
      (Bos - OF)
      Joe Mauer
      (Min - C)
      Orlando Hudson
      (Ari - 2B)
      Justin Upton
      (Ari - OF)
      Hank Blalock
      (Tex - 3B)
      Rick Ankiel
      (StL - OF)

      Starting Lineup Totals-------

      Tim Lincecum
      (SF - SP)
      Daisuke Matsuzaka
      (Bos - SP)
      Francisco Rodríguez
      (LAA - RP)
      Mariano Rivera
      (NYY - RP)
      Jon Lester
      (Bos - SP)
      Jeremy Bonderman
      (Det - SP)
      Chien-Ming Wang
      (NYY - SP)
      Tom Gorzelanny
      (Pit - SP)
      Rafael Betancourt
      (Cle -RP)
      Andy Pettitte
      (NYY - SP)DL

    • stats doctor

      this is my team, i know its weak

      Iván Rodríguez
      David Ortiz
      Plácido Polanco
      Ty Wigginton
      Orlando Cabrera
      Josh Willingham
      Randy Winn
      Vladimir Guerrero
      UTIL Shane Victorino
      UTIL Willy Taveras
      UTIL Adrián González
      UTIL Freddy Sánchez
      UTIL Geoff Jenkins
      BENCH- Pedro Feliz
      BENCH- Mark Ellis
      DL- Curtis Granderson

      John Lackey
      Justin Verlander
      Chien-Ming Wang
      Oliver Pérez
      Tom Gorzelanny
      Francisco Cordero
      Chad Cordero
      Mark Buehrle
      BENCH- Rafael Betancourt

      the good Free Agents in this league are
      Melky Cabrera,
      Jason Giambi,
      Richie Sexson,
      Casey Kotchman,
      Andre Ethier,
      Xavier Nady,
      Tadahito Iguchi,
      Matt Diaz
      Aubrey Huff
      Joe Crede

      Zack Greinke
      Gil Meche
      Hideki Okajima
      Matt Garza
      Brian Bannister
      Kyle Kendrick

      what moves should i make/ what players should i try to trade and for who?

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      • This is a wait and watch for me. You're team isn't a complete nightmare, but the infield is seriously weak in terms of power. You'll need to manufacture some production out of 2B, 3B, SS to be successful & right now that's not going to happen.

        Keep Willingham as he might do OK, but drop Randy Winn & Jeff Jenkins. The real problem is who to replace them with.

        Cabrera is a decent pick & will happily replace either of the above. The only other player I really like on your 'available' list is Andre Ethier, but he might not keep his spot once Juan Pierre gets back.

        Other players that might still be out there include Jay Bruce, Daric Barton, Steven Drew, Lastings Milledge, Asdradul Cabrera, Yunel Escobar - but of these only Barton, Millege & Cabrera will definitely play a full season.

        If you can't get what you want don't panic. The cream always rises & during the first few weeks of the season there are always players who do better than expected. Unless you're sure about picking somebody up hold on a bit longer until you can see how the first coupld of weeks plays out.

    • 5x5 12 team roto. i know i need saves. any other suggestions?

      C- Bengie Molina
      1B - Berkman
      2b - Cano
      3b - David Wright
      ss - Tejada
      of - Carlos lee
      of - eric byrnes
      of - sheff
      util - delmon young
      bn - ryan garko
      bn - kouz
      bn - nate mclouth

      sp - halladay
      sp - rich hill
      rp - joakim soria
      rp - tom gordon
      p - burnett
      p- tim hudson
      p - ian snell
      bn - yovani gallardo
      bn - rafael betancourt

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      • Answers.

        You will either have to trade or pick up from waivers.

        The only closers who are likely to be available on waivers are the continuously touted Sherrill or Accardo / Kerry Wood if you're lucky.

        During the season if you trawl the ESPN website with a fine tooth comb you might be lucky enough to get the drop on a closer before anybody else does.

    • should i take greinke(kc),or jimenez(col)?

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      • Last years sabremetrics tables say…..

        Home runs per 9 inn – Greinke 0.89, Jimenez 1.10
        Fly Balls – Greinke .460, Jimenez .333
        Ground Balls – Greinke, .329, Jimenez .458
        Left on Base – Greinke .756, Jimenez .677
        Strikes per 9 inns – Greinke, 7.8, Jimenez 7.5
        Strikes / Walks – Greinke 2.98, Jimenez 1.84
        On Base Percentage – Greinke 3.19, Jimenez 3.22

        The doctor says.….

        This might appear a difficult choice, because they have similar stats. Greinke, however, has more ways of getting himself out of a jam & when Jimenez gets hurt it’s going to be big.

        They will have similar K totals, but Greinke should edge out Jimenez on ERA & WHIP.

        If I’m going to project win totals I would estimate both will finish with just above even records. Perhaps 14-12 for Ubaldo, 13-11 for Zack. Therefore I don’t think the fact that Colorado a better team than KC should come into the equation here.

        One interesting stat is how well they do against Base runners. Really good pitchers have a good awareness of the game & don’t give up high numbers. For me this is where Jimenez lets himself down. Last year he allowed 16 without catching a single runner. Grienke gave up 4 and caught 3.

        Go with Grienke

    • Right now I have Kemp as one of my two Util. players the other being Miguel Cabrera, should I keep like that or start Butler in Kemp's spot?

    • What do you think of chris snyder?? should i drop towels for him in any of my leagues.. or stick it out.. i know snyder had a great spring..

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