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    when to pick a closer???

    when should i go out and pick a closer....early ...late...1st pick...last pick... 10 teams in head to head

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    • grab one in rounds 4-6, grab another in rounds 9-10, then another after round 12 depending on who's out there. I always grab a fledgeling RP for a 4th - a guy who LY was a backup closer or got his feet wet. Guys like CJ Wilson (TEX), B Wilson (SF) can be had VERY late.

      Studs go 4-6 even though someone will snatch Papelbon, Rodrigquez or Nathan before the 4th. Don't panic. Guys like Jenks (40+), Hoffman (40+) etc will still be there. That 2nd guy is OK to take a higher ERA guy that scares off other GMs (Todd Jones, Borkowski) who WILL each get 30+ saves. That 12th roundish guy - a good candidate is Accardo - GMs avoid him because 'the job is BJ Ryan's'. Ryan missed LY & will miss BIG chunks of 2008. Accardo will get 20-25 minimum. More if Ryan blows out again. Betancourt, Broxton, TPena are 3 guys who are NOT closers now, but could be tomorrow via 1 injury or bad outing by the regular closer. They'll still fill in for 4-5 each & are low ERA guys.

    • I agree, when everyone starts grabbing the top closers, it's time to start thinking about one. Yes, getting value is important, but from experience it is much easier to draft someone than try to trade for someone later, unless you're in one of those leagues where trades happen every day.

    • You definitely do not want to pick a closer in the first round. Bad, bad idea.

      Keep in mind that on most teams the closer will be changed at least once this season and, on teams with a horrific bullpen, more than once. You may find it easier to spend the season watching the waiver wire and grabbing an RP that was just anointed the closer on a team. Case in point, last year I grabbed Kevin Gregg and kept him for the remainder of the year. He wasn't the best closer, but he did get me about 30 saves.

      When should you draft a closer? The best strategy, I think, is to watch when everyone else starts to pick them. You should start the early rounds picking good hitters. Watch and see when the best SP are starting to go and grab a couple of them. When you start seeing some of the better RPs getting taken off the board (i.e. Putz, Nathan) then you'll know it's time to start thinking about drafting a closer.

      Good luck!

    • i picked K-rod in the 6th round. if u want 2 check my team and when i drafted every1. check out my post and maybe u can use it as a gudieline if u like it

    • I would definitely get a closer between rounds 5-7. I think you need an elite closer to anchor your bullpen esp. when so many closers change every year.

      But you know the K-Rod's, Riveria's, Papelbon's and Putz's will be solid all season barring injury. Can you help me?

    • in a 10 team h 2 h, I would wait til late. Make your offense great and pitching good and closing ok. You can get closers off the waiver. Sherril and Lyon and Wood are probably not going to be drafted. dont waist a top 10 pick on a closer


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