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  • Erick Erick Mar 25, 2008 1:33 AM Flag

    I Was Wondering...

    I'm a commissioner in a 10-team H2H League, each team has 25 players plus 1 DL spot... Should I add another DL spot to make it 2 in total? The reason is because I have Curtis Granderson on the DL but now Josh Beckett is on the DL as well, but I don't want the reason for adding another DL spot to be because of just my team injuries, I want it to be fair to everyone... So should I add another DL spot or how many more???

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    • Put it to a vote in your league. Point out that in the short-term it would benefit you. But I think in 10-team league, you should try to do it. the most exciting leagues that I've been in are the ones that are really deep (14 or 16 team leagues), so if you can't get that many teams, the next best thing is to increase roster size.

      unfortunately, you're dealing with an ethics dilemma and the best way to do this fairly is to do it democratically. If the other owners shoot it down, then you should listen to them.

    • ask your league 2 c wa they think and based on their responses than go ahead but lets be honest your only considering it because you are down 2 players.

    • as they said on South Park...you're doing the right thing...for the wrong reasons lol.

      every baseball league should have 2 DL spots IMO. It benefits you but it'll benefit everybody in the end.

    • no you shouldn't cause really you are just doing it for your team (I don't blame you but it's not really right). Beckett will be back like April 4 so don't worry. You can save some innings until then or pick up someone on spec.


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