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  • Kenneth R Kenneth R Mar 21, 2008 1:52 AM Flag

    20 team draft question?

    I think drafting a solid catcher is important. However I'd wait until my pick in round 3 or 4 if there is no run on them. While you can wait and probably get a catcher later and be on par with 15 teams(maybe), there isn't much talent and the people who get one of the top 4 automatically get a huge edge at that position. Myself, I'd look to draft Mauer who could go last among the solid catchers because he was injured last year but is very capable of a huge season. Vmart and Martin will be drafted very early compared to mauer.

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    • im thinking the best plabn would be to wait and if russel or martin are available in the 3rd take one .. if not take mauer or mccann in the fourth... if those 2 are unavailable i will forgo catcher untill a late round and take whoever is left.. but this happened in my 20 team espn league and i ended up with yadiar molina lol


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