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  • infopolis infopolis Mar 9, 2008 7:03 PM Flag

    2008 BUSTS!!

    you could probably win a league or two with those busts

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    • maybe. alot of those are 1st and 2nd rounders, how would you get all of them on your team? Pujols did top 20 last year ....so he was very useful but still a bust.

      You people don't understand what a bust is. A bust is any player good or bad that busts on you and doesn't hold up to where he was supposed to perform and retain his drafting position.

      Why would someone take Pujols 1st overall if he didn't think he would finish in the top 5? He was wrong! There were 20 better picks! Take a top 5 pick with your top 5 draft choice.

      Part of the game is knowing who to take. you rookies don't know who and argue rankings because you don't understand who should be ranked where and why. this is why you lose. this is why you took carpenter last year and Braun this year after people like me told you over and over again that they will be busts!


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