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    Looking for specific manager

    RBUHS, a league going on its 8th year is looking for a female manager to keep the other three woman in the league company. The other 3 are professional, middle age who love playing fantasy baseball. There are 12-14 regular managers. Cats are the basic 5 by 5 PLUS fielding percentage (yeah, defense counts). A manager needs to be reasonably active. Posts and smack are clean and usually fun. 22 man rosters, 1,2,3 baseman, ss, 3OF, UT---2SP, 2RP, 2P, Six BENCH, 1 DL. 29 innings minimum (yeah, the closer approach won't get it done). Max 5 roster changes a week.Some of the managers in the league are pretty competitive, some are not. All have enjoyed the experience and come back every year for more fun.
    Gentlemen, if you have a wife or know a mature gal who you think would like to be in a league with some pretty sharp (and outnumbered) women (taken by the way)., please let them know about this
    League name -- RBUHS
    League ID -- 15552
    league password--Enya

    We have a number of guys who want in this year, but some of us thought we would wait for a while to see if we could get another female for the three who come in every year. This manager will draft # 7 in a field of 14, Live draft on March 22 6:30 Easter, 3:30 Wetsern.
    Managers in the league are located in Virginia, Florida, Utah, Washington, California.

    trades done by vote, one manager, one team


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