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  • Tom Tom Feb 21, 2008 7:40 PM Flag

    Star Power or Depth???

    What do you think makes the better team? To load up on as many top guys as possible and fill in with wire players and breakthru guys, or to draft a team that's solid top to bottom?

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    • as long as you pay attention to pitching w/sv and sb , a team with sb can afford to take thome, dunn,, a team with good era and wins can afford to fish for a closer from wire if has studs in sp.. i always try to not stick to 1 rule during a draft and avoid getting caught up in runs on certain positions during a run ill force my self to take a team need or best player around, try not to panic cause all the ss are gone and u need 1 isnt much difference between theriot and o cabrea, i always try to look for value in my picks is great value this yr in pitching in late rounds, also if a yankkee fan take a guy you wanted grab posada or jetter later and trade for him, same thing gose for red sox , lol they love elsberry and pedoria, oh and you will know who they are by comments they make during draft if not ask and they proudly say. but you can wait along time to draft elsberry pedoria and posada and milky etc

    • I prefer depth...try to spread your stats out as evenly as possible over as many players are you can....that way a major injury doesn't take out 20-30% of your production.


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