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  • Danny D. Danny D. Feb 20, 2008 6:54 PM Flag

    Best way to draft?

    What the best way to draft in a 12 team head to head league? Like 2 top hitters then 2 top pitchers in the first 4 picks? Any ideas?

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    • Most of the time it's best to pick four straight Hitters, one being and all around player, one or two being power, one or two being speed or spee+ decent power. After that you can either go for a steal pick which is a pick that should never fall that far in the draft or go for a closer. By that time closers will be in everyones mind so getting an elite one would be nice. If not a closer then one of the top starters, someone like becket or lackey or whoever is left. By round 8 you at least need a closer and a SP or 2

    • Pitching is less consistent than hitting, and pitching injuries are often more likely to take a toll on your team. My inclination would be 3-4 hitters before taking a pitcher, unless Johan or Peavy fall in your lap. I focus on hitting first, then get a mix of veteran pitchers and young guns.

    • for first 4 picks.... I usually like to get 3 Solid batters with the first 3, mine happened to be Wright, Upton, and Teixeira. Then I went with a solid SP in Dan Haren. Thats how I normally do it. Make sure you pick Closers near the end to. The only major stat that the higher ranked closers have over the lower ones is in ERA. I am always willing to take that chance especially since all closers usually manage around the same amount of Saves, and there is not a huge difference in K's.

    • Best way would be to drat hitter then pitcher then hitter then pitcher but depends on how the draft is going i prefer to waite until round 3-5 to even start taking pitchers and it also depends on what draft pick you have having 8-10 id definatley go 2 straight batters atleast then a pitcher or 2


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