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  • hlmhairlessape hlmhairlessape Feb 20, 2008 9:21 AM Flag

    1st fant. Bball team: need advise

    There is 6 teams in my league so I wanted to have fun and gear my team more for a gorilla ball approach. this is it:

    C - R. Martin
    1st - P. Fielder
    2nd - B. Phillips
    3rd - A Rod
    SS - C. Guillen
    OF - V. Guerrero, M.Ramirez, B. Abreu
    Util. - D. Wright(3B)
    Bn - R. Howard(1B)
    Bn - M. Tejada(SS)
    Bn - K. Matsui(2B)
    Bn - J. Mauer(C)
    SP - E. Bedard
    SP - Dice-K
    P - B. Webb
    P - Smoltz
    P - J. Vazquez
    RP - B. Lidge
    RP - T. Hoffman
    RP - F. Cordero

    the other 5 teams are pretty stacked too.

    My delimmas:
    Since I have 2 Monsters @ 1B and was gonna use Wright @ Util., should I let Howard ride the Pine and use him as trade Bait for later? Or trade him now. either way what should I ask for?

    How much value should I put torward a SP and RP in relation to C,1B,2B,ect.. Example: I know I could get a tier1 pitcher for Howard, but maybe a tier1 and a strong tier2?

    I know I am asking some heavy questions but any advise would be GREATLY appreciated.


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