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  • Greg Greg Feb 15, 2008 5:00 PM Flag

    1st year keeper league looking for highly active and competitive owners

    here is all the league info. if interested email me at champsdope@yahoo.com. tell me what your experience is with fantasy baseball and why you want to join. looking for active, competitive, experienced managers. live draft sun feb 24th at 830p, est

    2008 Rules

    All rules will be voted on by the league if any are going to be changed.

    This league will have 12 teams. The scoring will be head to head starting the first week of the season.

    First Year Draft:
    Yahoo will be randomly determine draft order approximately 30 minutes before the draft begins. It will be a serpentine draft.

    Second Year Draft:
    The draft will be determined by the final standings from the playoffs with the team in last will get the 1st pick and the team in first will get the 12th pick. The draft will be a serpentine draft like this year. The draft will start by posting the draft picks on the group homepage messeage board. The rest of the draft will be done in a chatroom. The reason we are doing it this way is that teams can trade draft picks and yahoo will not let us change the order of the draft.

    Their are no maximum number of trades that a team can do. I will vote on all trades. Trades will be processed this way when players are only involved. When teams approve trade and I get the email for the trade I then will process the trade the next following day at the time the email was sent to me. Trades involving draft picks a trade must be sent trough with the players that are involved and both teams will have to email letting me know that the trade involves draft picks. When I receive an email from both teams I will process the trade the next following day at the time the email was sent to me. If I only get an email from one team I will veto the trade. All trades end on August 10, 2008.

    At the end of the year we will keep 9 players from your active roster. The winner of the league will keep 10 players. All teams must keep 1 infielder, 1 outfielder, 1 starting pitcher, 1 relief pitcher, and 5 other players. If a team doesn’t keep 9 players there will be a keeper draft before the regular draft will he held. If a team doesn’t keep a infielder, outfielder, starting pitcher, or relief pitcher they will have to draft that position before they can pick up any other players. Once yahoo allows are league to be set up I will then ask everyone to send me an email with all of your keepers. I will put all those players on your roster and will email all teams the keepers for that year. Once the keeper draft ends the regular draft will start. Here are the stats that we are going to use.

    Runs Batted In
    Stolen Bases
    Batting Avg
    On-base + Slugging Percentage
    Extra Base Hits

    Quality Starts

    We are going to use 20 Min Innings Pitched for the week

    1 C
    1 1B
    1 2B
    1 3B
    1 SS
    3 OF
    2 Util
    2 SP
    2 RP
    4 P
    7 BN
    3 DL


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