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  • Manuel R Manuel R Feb 15, 2008 1:54 PM Flag

    Which 6 do I keep for the season?

    It may be wise to mix up your stats so you can be well rounded.

    David Wright
    Brandon Webb
    John Papelbon
    Russell Martin
    Ryan Braun
    Ichiro Suzuki

    With both first basemen in the draft you may be able to draft them again.
    Catchers are hard to come by so Russell is good to keep.
    Webb & Papel are pitchers for you to keep. You can concentrate on pitchers as less.
    Alot of's go quick so it's good to have one from the early rounds who can get you great BA, SB & other rounded off stats.
    You may also get a chance for a second baseman early too but you may want to find a SS really early. Maybe first if you can.


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