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  • Yancarlos J Yancarlos J Feb 6, 2008 8:53 PM Flag

    Rate my team!!!

    Posada, Jorge C
    Kent, Jeff 2B
    Rodriguez, Alex 3B
    Jeter, Derek SS
    Burrell, Pat
    Damon, Johnny
    Dye, Jermaine RF
    Ellsbury, Jacoby OF
    Maddux, Greg P
    Garland, Jon SP P
    Haren, Dan P
    Rodriguez, Francisco RP
    Willis, Dontrelle SP
    McPherson, Dallas
    Duncan, Shelley
    Zimmerman, Ryan 3B
    Jimenez, Ubaldo P (Trade Pending for Joba)
    Tom Galvine
    Robertson, Nate SP DET
    should i trade some of these players???
    Rate My Team

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    • bump,,

    • Posada, Jorge C
      Gonzalez, Adrian 1B
      Kent, Jeff 2B
      Rodriguez, Alex 3B
      Jeter, Derek SS NYY
      Burrell, Pat LF
      Damon, Johnny
      Dye, Jermaine
      Zimmerman, Ryan 3B
      Garland, Jon SP
      Haren, Dan SP
      Hughes, Phil SP
      Maddux, Greg SP
      Rodriguez, Francisco
      Weaver, Jered
      Willis, Dontrelle SP
      Kouzmanoff, Kevin 3B
      Duncan, Shelley DH
      Ellsbury, Jacoby OF
      Glavine, Tom SP
      Jimenez, Ubaldo
      Wakefield, Tim SP BOS
      should i pick up Nate Robertson back???

    • more thanks

    • Your key problems are going to be batting average and health. A lot of your key offensive players are older guys who battle with a lot of nagging injuries (Kent, Dye, and Damon to name three). The starting pitching will be up and down for you. Willis is the key there. I think he'll bounce back being in a very pitcher friendly home park and having the best offense in baseball helping him out. So don't let anyone steal him away from you in a trade unless you get a very good offer. All and all I'd say it needs some adjustments...getting better contact hitters for one....but it's not a bad team.

    • So far most people are giving you props for this team, I'll disagree. Lets go stat by stat. Runs are average, with a couple of question marks in the lineup [1B(rookie),2B (age)]. HR, with the same two question marks, should be good to great thanks to ARod, Dye, Burrel and RZ. RBI's will be Avg to good thanks to the before mentioned athletes. SB's will be lower than most other teams in the league due to that fact that there are no clear starters who can steal a lot of bases unless you think Ellsbury will steal a bunch and you start him, but that will decrease your HR and RBI totals. Batting Average should be avg to low compared to other teams. Week to week you could go 4-1 or 2-3 on offense depending on who you play against head to head, unless you are in a points league at which point this offense won't net you enough points to win the league. Pitching: wins should be good with seven starters on good teams, Saves will be terrible with only one closer, either trade for more, pick up one or two in FA, or pitch the category all together and trade K-Rod for a staff ace. K's are below average becuase a lot of your guys won't K that many, the K-rod trade could net you a decent K guy which could definitely help that stat. ERA and WHIP are ? becuase pitchers numbers move so much from year to year , so this team could be good or average in those numbers. Week to week you could manage 4-1 on a good week or fall 0-5 if your guys have a bad outing. Your team looks like it could go 8-2 to 2-8 depending on the week, you could make the playoffs as a wildcard team and loss in the first or second round, but as it stands now you won't be in the championship game with this staff. To give this credibility look at my profile I know what it takes to have a playoff team, 9 teams, 9 playoff appearances, 6 top three finishes.

    • I think Nate Robertson is going to have a monster year, could win 17+. Overall, I like the look but you might run into trouble with the pitching, and rolling the dice on Jacoby. But hopefully it works out for you! Good luck!

    • Wow, this is what most of my teams will look like. Shelley Duncan is my favorite player- good idea with him on your team. Joba will be just nasty, and will help your team with both relief and starting. Its actually a great team but I would trade some of the Yankees, maybe Jeter because he has a high value. I would rate it a 7.5 out of 10... GO YANKEES!

    • its a bit too yankeetastic. plus need a good 1b

    • Definitely needs an ace.

    • trade zimmerman for an ace

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