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  • Josh Josh Sep 1, 2014 11:13 PM Flag

    Overthinking this trade?

    I was offered Antonio Brown for Doug Martin. If this happened 2 weeks ago I wouldnt be asking this question and would have pressed accept already. but after the trade of Mankins and Lovie saying Martin could be their 3 down back I'm starting to have second thoughts. Also I feel if I trade Martin to this manager I would be making his team even stronger.
    My Team His Team
    Cutler Foles
    Forte Z. Stacy
    Morris R. Mathews
    V-Jax B. Marshall
    Crabtree A. Brown
    Olsen J. Graham
    Martin C. Patterson
    F-Jax P. Thomas
    L. Blount A. Williams
    K. Benjamin M. Bennett
    R. Randle Alex Smith
    A. Dobson Marvin Jones

    A little back story is that this manager considers me his nemesis. Also I prefer to use a RB in my flex spot over a WR. Also both Forte and F-Jax have the same bye week meaning I'd have to start Blount that week with Morris. I know I'm weak at WR (thanks to losing conn and being auto drafted a TE) and Brown would be a great upgrade for me but I am struggling with trading away Martin to a team I've battled against for the last 4 years. Are my bench WRs worth waiting on to see how they perform?
    Please help!

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