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    Ok, so this is a dynasty league. And we are all friends. One manager called a few hours before our rookie/FA draft and said he didn't want to draft, and that he would rather just trade off all of his picks. He said "Make me an offer for my first two picks." My buddy offered him Cruz, he declined. So my buddy said he wasn't interested in a trade. I texted the manager making the offer and asked him what he needed. He said TE. I said I have Witten that I would be willing to trade (have Gronk too). He said "I will give you my first two picks for Witten." I accepted. I drafted B.Cooks and J.Matthews with those picks and a couple of people were p@$$%d.

    Was it a bad trade for him? Oh yeah. But is it really worth causing a big discussion about? They want me to give him Matthews and keep Cooks, which is obviously still a great deal for me. But, I made a legit trade. It wasn't collusion. I was just in the right place at the right time. For reference, this manager has only one full year experience, but he had 3 teams, was very active, and won a championship in one of our leagues. He has also never shown any other signs on making bad deals.

    Also note....the two people complaining each have 5 years fantasy experience, both had interest in J.Matthews on draft day, and they made an off season trade of Lacy for Djax STRAIGHT UP, and nobody complained about how bad of a trade it was. We have only vetoed ONE trade in 5 years, and that was because it was REALLY bad.

    I told them if I did anything, it would be giving him Maclin to make it closer to fair. But I honestly don't think I owe him anything. We all make stupid trades. It happens.

    What would you do?

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