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  • Donny Donny Aug 29, 2014 11:11 AM Flag

    Bored - Taking Questions, Fire Away

    Here for some input if anyone wants it.

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    • waited looooong for TE and got two gems I think in Ledarius Green & Tim Wright. Which do you see as best option/opportunity, and how many weeks until I should feel secure?

    • Need some help regarding trade offers. Went boom or bust with my team this year. .5 ppr league
      QB: Brady & Wilson
      RB: Foster, R Jennings, SJAX, Miller, Ridley, A Williams
      WR: Dez, Wallace, Maclin, Wheaton, Hunter TE: Gronk
      Been offered trade where I give Maclin & SJAX, & get Cobb & Ingram. His other RB & WR: Forte, Stacy, Hill, VJAX, Hilton, Cotchery

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      • I would probably do that trade. I actually like Cobb more than Maclin for health reasons and I have a gut feeling that Ingram actually sees about 200 carries this year. Meanwhile, I think Jackson will be in a timeshare by the end of the year with Freeman and that's not when your RBs to be condeing carries.

        If you can't pull the trigger on that deal, see if you can wrestle Forte away. I would start with Foster and Maclin to try and get Cobb/Forte. If not, respectfully ask what it might take to get Forte. use the notes at the bottom of the trade proposal window. I tend to use this for dialogue and I try to be as cordial as possible. If his counter is too rich, then just thnak him for the dialogue and say, "no thanks.".

        Otherwise, the deal he offerred is definitely beneficial to your team.

    • What do you think of this 1st timers team..
      Its a standard scoring 12 team league. We start 1QB 1RB 2WR 1TE 1DST 1K 1RB/WR/TE. No trades and its head to head.

      QB Romo
      RB DeMarco Murray
      WR Andre Johnson
      WR Brandon Marshall
      TE Charles Clay
      RB/TE/WR Andre Ellington
      K Justin Tucker
      DST Panthers Less

      Joique Bell
      Ben Tate
      Anquan Boldin
      Dwayne Bowe
      Torrey Smith
      Delanie Walker
      Markus Wheaton
      Ryan Tannehil
      Kai Forbath

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      • Pretty good team. I generally don't like to invest in both a RB and QB form the same team, but if you are going to do it, it might as well be with a top 5 offense. Andre Johnson is a little over the hill in my opinion, but he is still a WR1 on a middle of the pack team (Houston). Brandon Marshall may not be the best WR on his team by the end of the year, but I can guarantee you he will be one of the few wideouts who won't see double teams as a result of having such a good WR2 (Jeffrey). Your TE is a little weak; I would look to go after someone with a little more upside (Rudolph, Ertz, Ladairus Green?). Your bench is solid. I am a big fan of Joicque Bell and I think it is only a matter of time before he ends up being the starter in Detroit (another top 5 offense). Markus Wheaton may be your diamond in the rough. Pittsburgh's running game has looked atrocious so far and they may have to throw it a ton. overall, you should be happy.

    • Still here for another hour...

    • 10 team H2H AUCTION league ($200 budget)

      Just drafted. How did I do? Where should I look to improve? Any trade suggestions?

      QB: Andrew Luck
      WR: Julio Jones
      WR: Randall Cobb
      RB: LeSean McCoy
      RB: Arian Foster
      TE: Jason Witten
      FLEX: Zac Stacy
      FLEX: Eric Decker
      FLEX: Steven Jackson
      K: Steven Haushka
      DEF: Carolina
      LB: Lavonte David, Vontaze Burflict, Derrick Johnson, Paul Posluszny
      DL: Cameron Wake, Chandler Jones, Jason Pierre-Paul, Greg Hardy
      DB: T.J. Ward, Harrison Smith, Mark Barron, Bernard Pollard

      BN: Ben Roethlisberger, Sammy Watkins, Kelvin Benjamin, Brandin Cooks, Stevan Ridley, Danny Woodhead


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      • Well, first off, I have zero knowledge of IDP. I have done one league witht hem and it took away from the overall appeal of fantasy football in my opinion. but I get that people love to do them. So I am not going to offer any commentary on those players.

        I am not a big fan of Luck. Pep Hamilton has never really taken the reigns off him yet and he didn't even throw for 30 TDs last year. He obviuosly upgraded his receiving corps this year by getting Dwayne Allen and Reggie Wayne back from injuries and by adding Nicks. Maybe this is the year where he takes off.

        I love your receivers; though you lack true depth. I don't think that appears to be a problem in this league as long as they all don't share any byes.

        McCoy is my favorite fantasy player. not jjust because he is ranked #1, but because he is 26, plays in the best offense and has shades of abrry Sanders in him. On the other hand, I am not a fan of Foster. Alot of pundits are predicting a bounceback, but I see a guy that is more invested in things other than football in his life. That usually equates to a less than optimal year. That being said, you backed him up with two RB2s that are in decent situations. One thing, and I said this to someone else in this thread, si to pay attention to Bennie Cunningham. He got the start in the third pre-season game and it looks like he might be challenging for the starting gig. Stacy's 2.8 YPC has exactly instilled confidence and losing Bradford may further hurt his stock.

        Overall, I would look to build a little more depth at WR and see if you can imporve upon your RB2. A possible deal would be to find someone that has Andre Ellington and see if you can work out a deal where you "downgrade" (but I see more as an upgrade) Foster for Ellington while trading Decker for a better WR. good luck.

    • which of these wrs would you start? i need 3.

      matthew stafford
      demaryius thomas
      percy harvin
      antonio brown
      darren mcfadden
      knowshon morreno
      vernon davis
      darren sproles
      tom brady
      mike wallace
      marques colston
      steven jackson
      Seatle D

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      • I think the three you have are the ones to go with. There have been whispers that Wallace is a chnges man this year and that the offensive coordinator for the Dolphins is going to invoke an "Eagles-style" offense. Let's wait and see before you pull the trigger there. If you are looking for a possible position controversy, then Colston may be your guy. I have seen him falling in every draft and I think people are forgetting he is the #1 WR on a top 5 offense. Guys like Jimmy Graham and Cooks have been going higher. while I get Graham for obvious reasons, Cooks should not be going above Colston. However, I really like Harvin this year and I think he will have a big season. I especially like him in week 1 versus the Packers. Don't change a thing for now.

    • how did I do? I had 4th pick.

      h2h 12 team league-standard scoring.

      Starting Lineup
      QB-Cam Newton (Carolina Panthers)
      RB-Jamaal Charles (Kansas City Chiefs)
      RB-Toby Gerhart (Jacksonville Jaguars)
      WR-Julio Jones (Atlanta Falcons)
      WR-Antonio Brown (Pittsburgh Steelers)
      TE-Jordan Cameron (Cleveland Browns)
      FLEX-Wes Welker (Denver Broncos)
      K-Adam Vinatieri (Indianapolis Colts)
      DEF-Houston Texans

      QB-Matt Ryan (Atlanta Falcons)
      RB-Knowshon Moreno (Miami Dolphins)
      Rb-Tre Mason (St. Louis Rams)
      WR-Dwayne Bowe (Kansas City Chiefs)
      WR-Justin Hunter (Tennessee Titans)
      WR-Marqise Lee (Jacksonville Jaguars)
      TE-Kyle Rudolph (Minnesota Vikings)

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      • Your team looks good on paper. I am a little lower on guys like Cam, Gerhart, and Wes Welker than others. I think Cam is an immense talent, but between the rib injury, which many are saying worse than advertised, and the lack of supporting cast, this may be a down year for him. But what's really a down year - 4000 Pass yards, 30 TDs, 500 rush yards, 5 TDs? You have to imagine if his supporting cats is poor, then in theory, he should be behind in games and passing more. Gerhart is rumored to only be in line for 12-15 carries per game. I still think that equates to 1000 yards, but not the bell cow he is being touted as. I love Welker because of the offense he is in, but he screams "Wayne Chrebet" to me. This guy could be out of the NFL by season's end.

        However, I happen to be higher on guys like Julio, Justin Hunter, and Kyle Rudolph. I think Julio is in line for a huge season. Before his injury, he was headed for over 1800 receiving yards and 15 TDs. You might have the best receiver in the NFL on your team. Hunter and Rudolph both fit the mold of sleepers and have been revered by most other.

        one thing I would look into is drop Tre Mason for Bennie Cunnigham. There is a rumor he may supplant Stacy in the backgfield. Keep your eye on that.

    • Which defense should I add?

      Which kicker should I add?

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      • Taking questions but not providing answers? That's very misleading.

      • Giants (vs DET), Titans (vs. KC) , Bills (vs. CHI), Packers (vs. SEA), and Saints (vs. ATL) are all tough matchups. Logic says pass.
        Jets (vs. OAK) and Eagles (vs. JAX) look good on paper.
        Houston (vs. WAS) and Browns (vs. PIT) are the toss-ups.

        I think the Eagles will be playing from ahead all game so Jacksonville will be passing. The Jets pass defense is terrible while their run defense is pretty good. I like Houston for the same reasons as the Jets. I really don't like taking defenses on the road (Cleveland), so I guess the best choice is probably the Eagles if you want to play the probabilities.

        Bryant should see alot of opportunities versus the Saints, but Gould is probably on the better offense. I would take the opportunity though - go with Bryant.


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