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  • Gregory Gregory Aug 27, 2014 1:39 PM Flag

    NFL dropping the ball, what a disgrace.

    Get caught with some purple syrup nonsense for your first offense you get 4 games. You get caught smoking marijuana and for your second drug related offense you get suspended for the year. Knock your fiancé unconscious - 2 game suspension. Wow.

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    • If they had suspended Rice for a long period of time, he would have won his appeal. If it's not in the collective bargaining agreement, there is not much to argue. Drug use, however, is collectively bargained, and the Owners AND players agreed on the penalties. The NFL was not in the wrong. Gordon was. Plain and simple, and anyone arguing otherwise just doesnt know the facts.

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      • Wrong, wrong, then wrong again.

        Just because Rice would've won the appeal doesnt' mean the NFL shouldn't do the right thing and hand down a stiffer punishment initially to begin with. They can at least do what is right, even if it gets changed.

        Second, just because the players and owners agreed on that in CBA doesn't mean you can't still again, do the right thing and not give the guy the boot for the year. You act like every single player in the NFL gave an okay to everything in the CBA, I hate to break it to ya but they didn't. A small group represented them, and their is such a thing as making a mistake when you look back at what was agreed upon in retrospect. I don't do drugs, never have and I still feel extremely strongly about the fact that it is ridiculous that Josh Gordon loses a year of work for doing something that America has now deemed to be legal in various states, all while drinking alcohol(which is literally another drug in itself), is legal anywhere and everywhere to do recreationally and can create just as many problems if not used in a responsible manner.

        JUST BECAUSE RULES WERE PUT IN PLACE DOESN'T MEAN THEY ARE GOOD, RIGHT OR DON'T NEED TO BE CHANGED. #$%$ rules like this should be recognized as #$%$ and unjust/unbalanced rules and when that realization comes they should not be enforced, but instead the league and players should acknowledge there is an unbalance here in how they are handing out punishment and adjust accordingly.

    • The only thing we can take from this is...
      NEVER use the second hand smoke excuse

    • You can't compare the two when drug offenses are collectively bargained and the off the field player conduct is not and judged on a case by case basis. We have a legal and civil court system to penalize him as a citizen, it is not the role of his employer to pile on top of that or make up for it if the legal system can't get justice.

      The better comparison would be why Irsay has not been penalized yet by the league. Are they protecting him or giving him special treatment because he's an owner?

    • Lol you have to be one disturbed individual to thumb that down.


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