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  • Lefty Lefty Aug 25, 2014 8:01 PM Flag

    1st ever auction draft results -- good or bad?

    Public standard 10 team h2h $200 budget

    (7) Matt Forte - $59
    (28) Montee Ball - $50
    (46) Alfred Morris - $32
    (48) Randall Cobb - $22
    (52) Mason Crosby - $1
    (56) Roddy White - $11
    (57) Larry Fitzgerald - $11
    (82) New England - $1
    (94) Philip Rivers - $2
    (95) Marques Colston - $3
    (101) Russell Wilson - $1
    (102) Greg Olsen - $2
    (109) Denver - $1
    (110) Emmanuel Sanders - $2
    (117) Ben Tate - $2

    $0 left over
    2 QB, 5 WR, 4 RB, 1 TE, 1 K, 2 DEF

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    • I kind of like your team a lot. Strong RBs and I would not mind having Cobb, White, Fitz and Colston as my receivers and the potential of Sanders. Great draft imo. And with this roster you have a platform to trade for upgrades.

    • It has the look of a team where you fell in love with a few players and forgot to balance out your team. But the resulting team has promise.

    • Great deals on Roddy White, Fitz, Emmanuel Sanders and Ben Tate! Your team is deep

    • Your loaded at RB, but your WRs are really hit or miss. I do like the Sanders pick, but who knows if Cobb or Colston can stay healthy, and Fitz and Roddy are getting older . If a few of those guys can stay healthy or play lke they have in the past you should have a solid team, but there is the possibility for a lot of issues at WR. It is still a very balanced team that should have a good shot at contending regardless of what happens at WR

    • I'll be honest, I don't know much about Standard settings. But, I'm not high on Montee Ball, so I think you could've passed on him. Morris and Forte (a little pricey) are good. I think you overpaid a bit on Cobb. White and L-Fitz, not too high on. Rivers is good for $2. I'd like to be thrilled with your team, but it's not a great one. Could be built up with strong waiver (or FA) choices.

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      • Yeah, I didn't intend on getting Forte. He was sitting at $52 so I bid on him. I was initially targeting Lacy (who ended up being the next nomination). I got sucked into a little bidding war as I was trying to up the price a little bit, but it backfired on me. I like Forte but getting him caught me off guard.

        I think Ball is going to have a huge year. Peyton is smart enough to get the RBs involved when it matters and the receiving weapons should give Ball a lot of room.

        As for Cobb, I dont know. Maybe it was a panic move. I had $60 left and no WR. I'm not actually a fan and want to trade him asap. I thought $11 each was ok for White and Fitz and it made me feel a lot better about my budget but Fitz vs the NFC West defense I do not like at all.


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