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  • Matt M Matt M Aug 25, 2014 4:48 PM Flag

    who would you rather have?.. Ill answer yours!

    in a 10 team, 1pt PPR, would you rather have:

    Group A.
    AJ Green
    Julio Jones
    Zac Stacy
    Rashad Jennings


    Group B.
    AJ Green
    Cordarrelle Patterson
    Monte Ball
    Zac Stacy

    answer with the link to your Q and I will answer

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    • Group A.. Patterson is good, but Jones is a lock for a good year as well as Jennings with all the injuries...

      My question...
      Is the 9th spot too early to draft Peyton? I am hoping to get Demaryius on the way back down to get myself a good combo. however, then getting a good RB1 will be difficult

    • Side B. Julio and Ball are about a wash but I like Patterson more than Jennings.

    • I'm actually inclined to say I'd rather have Group A. Julio could be an elite WR and while I'm not big on Stacy, he seems to be a RB2. Ball has the RB1 upside but I don't know if he'll get enough touches in that Broncos offense, and I don't think Cordarrelle is much more than a low-end WR1 at best (I think he's a WR2).

      Here's the link to my question: http://sports.yahoo.com/fantasy/message-boards/;_ylt=AjqJeL34M7iSWHTYYm3vZ8_BbJ8u;_ylu=X3oDMTB2OHBjOG42BHBvcwMyMgRzZWMDTWVkaWFNc2dCb2FyZHNYSFJVbHQ-;_ylg=X3oDMTBhYWM1a2sxBGxhbmcDZW4tVVM-;_ylv=3?&bn=01d3d504-1c2c-3e70-8e46-2a6e97dacf0d&tid=1408951026373-a7adccb1-543c-46a8-ac0b-346dffd2c14c&tls=la%2Cd%2C1%2C3

      I asked a lot of questions so you don't have to answer em all but I'd appreciate your opinion on whether it would be wise to draft Bush and Joique back to back in a league with 0.5pt PPR. Thanks!

    • Im taking Patterson and Ball all day over Julio and Rashad.


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