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  • Nandan Nandan Aug 25, 2014 3:17 AM Flag

    Some general questions that if answered, could help us all

    Hey there, I'm in a 10-team league with 0.5 PPR. I have the 1st overall pick and I was hoping to get some opinions on questions I have. I don't expect anyone to answer every question but If possible, could someone answer as many questions as they can? I figure that my questions could at least help others reading the post as well for some good discussion. Here they are:

    1) Rank these WRs: Julio, Jordy, Alshon (0.5 PPR as I mentioned earlier)

    2) I'm planning to go Charles, Brees or Rodgers, then one of the above WRs. If the top QBs are gone by my 2nd round pick (20th overall), should I go Charles-WR-WR or go Charles-WR-RB (which would be probably Ellington, LeVeon, Foster)?

    3) Rank these RBs: Jennings, Bush, Sankey, Joique

    4) Is it wise to use back to back picks on Bush and Joique in the case I already have 2 WRs?

    5) Is it a must for me to draft Julius or Gronk if they are still available in Round 5(41st pick)? And if I take Gronk, should I aim for another backup TE like Ertz, Pitta, Ladarius Green?

    6) Rank these WRs: Terrance Williams, Edelman, Kendall Wright

    7) Rank these RBs: Lamar Miller, TRich, Chris Johnson, Ridley, Tate

    8) Rank these QBs: Ryan, Luck, Romo, Brady, Cutler

    9) Rank these TEs: Olsen, Rudolph, Witten

    10) When would you draft Josh Gordon? I'm leaning towards using my 9th pick (81st overall) but if that's too early, maybe wait until my 11th pick (101st overall).

    Bonus: Late-round flier sleeper picks?

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    • 3) jennings hes a beast ready to have a break out season. id get him ;late....m also julio over jeffery

    • 1) Julio, Jordy and Alshon
      2) Never plan 3 picks ahead you are just setting yourself up for failure. Take the best guy available since you never know who will fall.
      3) Bush, Bell, Sankey and Jennings. I have no faith in Jennings at all and I only rank Bush above Bell because I think Bush will get the majority of the receptions while Bell will get more carries. Sankey could have the most upside but it's too soon to rank him above the other guys.
      4) Sure, why not? If you don't have a RB yet both would be starters for you. I've got both as low end RB2 or high end flex in a 10 team league. At that point in the draft, every RB is either sharing the job or comes with a high bust/injury potential so why not grab the two guys you like regardless of what team they play on? Like I said before, take the best guy available that fits with your roster. If Bell is the best flex play at that spot, take him even if you already have Bush.
      5) I wouldn't take Gronk at the 41st pick, he would have to fall to the 6th round in a 10 team league for me to watch him sit on my bench injured all year. Julius is a great value at 41 if he is still there in a PPR. I wouldn't roster a backup TE in a 10 team league no matter who your starter is. There will be plenty of guys in FA and it's better to stop up on upside RBs.
      6) Edelman, Wright and Williams.
      7) Johnson, Tate, Richardson, Miller, and Ridley
      8) Luck, Ryan, Brady, Romo and Cutler
      9) Olsen, Witten and Rudolph
      10) I'd take him in the 10th and no sooner. Right now his ADP is around 125. No reason to reach more than 3 rounds for him. I really don't think that he will miss more than maybe 4 games but even if he misses 8, all you're really losing is a bench spot on a guy that probably wouldn't have ever started for you anyways.

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      • Thanks for your answer, I'll respond with the answers I may slightly disagree with.

        2) That's a good point, and perhaps I'm overpreparing. It's just I don't want to take an elite QB and regret not having a 2nd WR1 or vice-versa. It's hard to compare QB value to WR value but I feel like the top 3 are elite whereas the WRs I listed in 1) aren't elite for sure.
        3) Truth be told I'm not big on Jennings either but he'll get the volume. Do you not think that's enough to put him over Bush? Same with Sankey over Bell?
        4) Thanks for this answer but as you mentioned that I should take the best player available, but do you think with 0.5 PPR that Bell carries more value as a flex over Andre Johnson or Garcon? I only asked this as I feel Bell would be a solid handcuff to Bush in case he gets hurt.
        5) That's what scares me with Gronk as well however he's been going in the 3rd and 4th round in some drafts so I wonder if I should take the gamble on him.
        10) Thanks for this answer, I'm considering taking him around then and I know someone answered earlier saying he's wary of taking him at all but I just feel there's too much value and I have to take him when I have enough of a bench. I'm sure he's drafted right after if I don't get him around then.

        Thanks again!

    • Julio, Jordy, alshon is the order I would go. Julio I feel is the most talented of the 3 and should bounce back nice this year. Jordy has a great QB and will get him some TDs this year. Alshon is good and should be solid but I think worst QB of the three teams and he is the number 2 guy still on his team giving him last place of the 3 to me.
      2 – Take what ever stud RB you want pick one but I would go Mccoy personally. I would then go WR WR even if a stud QB is there. Not a bad idea to go stud QB but in a 10 team league that is PPR… I would feel better about going WR WR at them picks.
      3 – in ppr format Jennings, bush, Sankey, bell is the right order. Jennings I think will do well with G men. Bush is a bit injur prone and competes with bell for touches but explosive and gets Catches. Sankey is too much unknown but will get plenty of touches I think. And Joique is number 2 on his team and will be way streaky.
      5- If either of them TEs make it to you in round 4/5 I will be shocked. For a ppr league. I doubt they will. If you go gronk YES take a back up. Gronk might not play week 1
      6 – ppr – wright then Williams then edleman. Wright was a ppr machine last year and I don’t see why he doesn’t again. Williams is explosive and I think he will have some solid games even with DEz there and I thin Williams hits 7 plus TDs. Eldeman was a PPR machine last year but man that team has a lot of boides. Amendoal, gronk, Vereen, Dobson, Hopkins, then amedola
      7 – Johnson first. I think he will be better then many think. Tate, miller, t rich Ridley. Ridley last because he gets NO catches. The backs in the middle I just guessed
      8 – Brady will bounce back and do really I well I think, you see his weapons above.. I think his lack of weapons and their lack of experience last year… now with experience this year… they own, then ryan, luck, room cutler.
      9 – ppr. Witten has to be one, of the 3. Guy is machine and you know what you get. Rudolph I thik breaks out like never before with nor turner, olsen I think will be over rated. Pantehrs O struggles I think.
      10 – Gordon? Im not touching him

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      • First off, thanks a lot for your opinion. I didn't expect anyone to answer all questions but I appreciate you having an opinion on almost all of them. I agree with some of your answers, I'll discuss the answers you have I'm unsure of.

        2) I'm leaning Charles just because of the 0.5 pts per reception. I actually was leaning going Charles-WR-WR regardless of there being an elite QB available but I'm starting to feel like the gain in pts from an elite QB to a mid-low QB1 is greater than the gain from taking a low-end WR1 to a mid WR2.
        6) I agree that I see Wright having more value than Williams but I'm unsure of Edelman. You bring up a good point with a lot of the weapons the pats have but we know of Gronk and Amendola's injury history, that could lead to Edelman being the pats #1 WR couldn't it?
        7) I agree with Chris Johnson potentially being a good flex play but I'm iffy on whether he'll be better than Tate as he's always been touted as being a solid RB while in Houston. I have TRich over Miller because I don't like either but TRich has the upside to be more than a flex like 2 years ago.
        8) I don't doubt Brady will be solid but I just wonder if he'll outperform Ryan (who plays in the NFC South) or Luck who some people see breaking out. Also Cutler seems to have a lot of upside considering he has three weapons going in the first 2-3 rounds of drafts.
        10) Do you not think Gordon is worth a flier even late? I mean even if I'm reaching with the 11th pick, surely I'd have to take him with my 13th(121st pick) don't you think? Not a heavy price to pay if he misses the year in my opinion.

        Thanks again man!


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