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  • C.L.b C.L.b Aug 23, 2014 9:06 PM Flag

    QB vs RB

    PPR league with all touchdowns worth 6 points plus bonus for distance. If your QB would throw to your WR then you would get 12 points plus the bonus. With that being said. I have the #1 overall pick, then 20,21,40,41....etc. Do I take a Manning, Rodgers, Breeze, or McCoy, Charles, Peterson. I have never gotten the #1 pick before....kinda tough. It will set how the rest of the draft plays out. Thanks in advance.

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    • With the first pick you should absolutely go RB. QBs will be more valuable with 6 point touchdowns, but remember it's also PPR. This means a pass catching RB that scores touchdowns will be extremely valuable, especially given the scarcity of elite backs. You're looking at either Charles, McCoy, or Forte as they will all catch passes for sure. Any of them would be a solid pick. You may be able to land Brees or Rodgers at the round 2/3 turn.

    • With the first pick you take whichever of the top RBs you like the best. I'd put the top 3 QBs around 4-8 but I wouldn't take them any sooner than that.

    • I think the only QB worth taking 1st overall is Peyton. He's almost a lock for 300 yards and 3 tds per week. Brees, Rodgers and Stafford might do that a few times, but not average that every week. At 6 pts per TD for QBs I'd probably take Peyton. The second tier of QBs look at 265 and 2 tds per week average. The Martin's and Morris's can cover for not getting McCoy, AP, or Charles.

    • Go RB. Six points per passing TD boosts all QBs, not just the top ones.

    • I would go RB. You most likely won't get one of the top three QBs to come back to you in the second round...but then you can spend your 20 and 21 picks on either RB, or WR and wait til 40,41 and snag Ryan or Newton. If you reach for a QB with the first pick, you're looking at a RB1 of somebody like Morris or Martin.


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