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  • Toby Toby Aug 21, 2014 11:04 AM Flag

    Lacy at 1 overall?

    I am in a 10 team non PPR league and was wanting some thoughts on taking Lacy 1 overall. I was going to go AP, but after thinking about it Lacy is in a better offense and has a very high ceiling. Am I crazy for thinking about taking Lacy at this spot?

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    • I think that is crazy. Why not look to trade back and add a pick. Maybe offer 1 and move back to 4 or5 and gain a pick. maybe get 4th pick and a 3rd round or 4th rounder

    • Not at all. Lacy led ALL running backs in rushing last year starting in week 5 and on. The guy is young and on a good team that will get him a lot of scoring chances.

      Now saying all that... there is some backs I would rather have over Lacy... not many but to name a few McCoy or Forte... but Lacy is still a top 5 over all back and player I think on a team that will give him scoring chances.

      I would STILL take Lacy with a top 5 pick.. I would... but remember how high we were on sophomores Doug Martin and Trent Richardson the last few years? What they done since? but I do like Lacy.

      And bottom line... If you really want him...take him... because there is ZERO chance he will get back to you... so if you want him...take him.

    • no bro, your crazy for asking people on this forum what to do with YOUR draft pick… charles rolled his ankle moving boxes out of his dorm and had to get a X-ray and mri (strange makes you think it was worse than they make it sound) and mccoy already has a minor case of turf toe… if you feel like gambling go with forte in my opinion eddie lacy is a little bit of a stretch for #1 id rather go calvin johnson at #1 than lacy

    • There are other players I like better (the main 4 RB's), but I wouldn't call you crazy for doing it.

    • id go charles, ap, forte, lacy, mccoy


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