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  • Scott Scott Aug 20, 2014 3:23 PM Flag

    Khiry Robinson

    I just picked this guy up this morning to add some depth to my backfield.

    He's currently my fifth RB, but I am curious what people think of him this season. Some of have said he's in for a breakout year because Ingram is unimpressive and Thomas is always hurt and inconsistent, but others think that backfield is too crowded for Robinson to shine.


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    • It is a crowded backfield. Sproles was a freak, who was able to make the most out of that situation. Don't expect the same thing to happen with Robinson.

    • Good speculative add. The Saints backfield is not an easy handicap this season.
      Is this going to be a more run heavy offense like it showed late last season or Drew airs it out? What to make of Ingram catching his first TD pass last week end? Was Cooks drafted to assume the Sproles role?
      Ingram/Khiry collectively have 20 something career NFL receptions and that is often used as the best evidence that only PT can serve as the receiving back, but I think that stat has more to do with Sproles and PT's unique skillsets than any inherent limitations in the other backs' skills. I like Khiry and Ingram as rushers ahead of PT and suspect Payton would like to return to the run/pass balance that was the hallmark of the Super Bowl team. While Ingram likely remains the starter, his injury history suggests that a lead back opportunity will come.

    • And yet Sproles shined in that crowded backfield for a long time. It has always been crowded and yet Robinson has the skillset to take Sproles role in that offense. From the reports I've seen, Thomas doesn't really have a role right now at all so it's just Ingram and Robinson. One injury or misstep by Ingram could propel Robinson into the leadback role and he could be huge. It's worth the risk. I also wouldn't be surprised if he does nothing but that's just how football works. Lots of upside for FA pickup. Just have to wait and see.


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